Taevy and her siblings are out of bed at the break of dawn. Although she is just a little girl, everyone in the family must work hard to make ends meet on their small farm.

Times are tough, and the family often goes hungry. Sadly, Taevy’s story is not unique. Many families in her village, and other villages around the world, face the same desperate existence day after day, without any hope of change.

Millions of children like Taevy will go their whole lives without ever hearing the transforming message of the Gospel because they are tucked away in small, isolated villages. But you can change that!

A generous partner challenged us to raise funding to reach 500 villages and has pledged to match those funds dollar-for-dollar so that an additional 500 villages can be reached!

There are over 1 million villages worldwide that still have not heard the Gospel. Jesus cares about these forgotten villages, and so must we!

You can bring hope to villages like Taevy's by helping to send local Christians to share the Good News of salvation in Jesus Christ with them and start new churches. Your gift will make an eternal difference, and right now, it will go twice as far! Please give generously today.


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