We have seen over and over again how God has used the Values Education ministry in powerful ways to transform the lives of children in the Philippines. Thanks to the support of partners like you, these students are able to learn about Jesus and Christian values in their public school classrooms!

When Marilyn, an ordinary church member, accepted her pastor’s invitation to volunteer as a teacher in area schools, she had no idea that God would use her to reach several teenage girls in her class. Some of these girls, including Vie*, were carrying the scars of being molested by their stepfathers.

Vie tells, “I hated [my stepfather] so badly that I cursed him every day and wanted him to die. My heart was just full of hatred, anger, bitterness ... This was my life before I went to high school and met my values volunteer teacher. ...I did not realize that this subject will be the instrument of God to bring healing to my dying soul.”

As Marilyn explained how God loves us and sent Jesus to die for our sins, a spark of comfort, hope and forgiveness began inside of Vie. “... when I asked the Lord to forgive my sins and asked Him to come into my life, it made a big difference. I learned to just give my stepfather to the Lord who saw everything,” she shares. “When I am reminded of [what happened] I just pray to the Lord.”

Vie says, “You have given me hope and life through Jesus Christ. I hope that you will continue to be instrumental to bring life and hope to so many.”

There are so many more students like Vie who need to hear the life-changing message of salvation in Jesus Christ. Will you help reach them? Right now, our ministry partners have requests to begin Values Education in many new schools. For every $40 donated, an entire classroom of children will be able to hear the Gospel and learn Christian values!

On average, there are 38 students per classroom in the Philippines. Please give today to have an impact on the lives of young people like Vie for Christ!

*Name changed for her protection


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