"The heavens declare the glory of God." These words echoed in my mind as we drove up and up the mountain.

In November, my first international trip with Reach A Village took me to new heights, literally. As we climbed several thousand feet in the air, this woman from the Great Plains thought to herself, "We're only a few feet from going over the cliff." I was also told about the real threat of mudslides slipping down the mountain, washing away roads, cars, houses, and even people.

People in this area can even pose a safety risk, as it's considered the 'Wild West' of the Philippines with outlaws, revenge, and people living by their own rules.

As we traveled while visiting public schools, I was struck by the danger the volunteer teachers face and the complete remoteness of these children. Looking at individual houses dotting the side of massive mountains, I thought, "How will these families be reached with the Gospel?"

But God already provided the answer. In 2007, He appeared in a vision to the founder of the program, Ruth, and she pondered that same question in her quiet time. Ruth had no resources, but miracle after miracle, He supplied every need to reach the most isolated people in this country of 100 million.

Now, this thriving program operates in hundreds of public schools reaching 60,000 children for Christ. Kids are learning Bible stories and how to build character with lessons like patience, obedience, and humility. These children are changing, and even their families are being reached. Dozens of churches are starting, just by reaching kids first. Now, many schools are requesting to start the program because of the great impact!

This is a remarkable program. Even though the isolated people in the mountain are easy to forget, God loves them and wants them to come into the Kingdom. I thank God for those declaring the Good News so that Filipino children can learn about their Savior.

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