BKKCABI grabbed a cab at the airport in Thailand as I always do. After we chatted about the location to where I was headed, my eyes focused on items trapped between glaring sheets of plastic above me. As we rode along, I snapped this picture of the cab interior.  It was one of the most elaborate collections that I had ever seen. The headliner was covered with currency from around the world, 9 metal Buddha images dangling from his mirror, multiple small "gods" glued above the driver's head, along with amulets and a poster of half clad night club women (hanging from his headrest facing the customers in the back seat).

He had been driving a cab in Bangkok for several years while having a wife and 3 children still living up country over 200 miles away. He was occasionally able to visit them. His story, as told on the headliner of his cab and in our brief conversation, contained all the reasons why I first chose to go to Thailand as  a missionary in 1979. The hardship of life in the countryside, the fear of the "spirits" that have inhabited Thailand from the fall of man, the lifeless idols before which the people bow, the warm and friendly welcome given to strangers and visitors, these are all the things that have compelled me to seek to bring the Gospel to these dear people. There are 59,000 villages in Thailand without a Christian fellowship. They still do not even know that Jesus came and died for them. I shared with this driver that I worshiped the One Creator God who gives me protection and peace. I spoke a blessing in His Name as we parted. Pray for Thailand.

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