Children's Bible Ministry

Children's Bible Ministry is a crucial part of our mission. Children have always been attracted to the kindness and love of Jesus, and often when church planters or local church evangelists go into a new village, it is the children who welcome them and listen to the Bible stories. Unlike in many North American churches where parents bring children to church, these children instead become the gateway for the Gospel to reach their parents and families. Church planting involves the whole family, not just adults, and young people need special attention and materials to introduce them to the Lord Jesus.

Our local partners often operate in the environment of rural communities in developing countries. For the majority of our ministry locations that would mean that many families exist on incomes equivalent to $150 or less per month. This level of poverty makes it extremely difficult for people to be able to afford training, printed materials, Bibles, or educational resources for their children. We provide Scriptures free of charge to our international partners.

Reach A Village helps print and provide children's and youth Bibles in these situations to fuel the passion for evangelism and discipleship through the local church workers. Local churches can then reach out effectively to new families and new villages using appropriate training and Scriptures for their ministry.

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