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Attendance has grown to almost 60

"It’s a privilege to be part of teaching Values Education in the public schools. The Basao tribe* of Kalinga is one of the more notorious tribal groups here in our province. To reach out to this group has been a great challenge and one in which prayer warfare is consistently needed. Through this ministry, we are able to teach in an elementary school in a village of that tribe! Praise the Lord! It’s a big breakthrough and challenge to teach them the Word of God. This is because of the language barrier; some of the children do not even speak the national language.


"We started last school year and have seen an increase in the number of children coming to Sunday School now. From 20 children attending before the ministry started, it has grown to almost 60, and I am sure will grow more this school year. Even the adult attendance has increased! And something else amazing is that the students who attended Sunday School are the top achievers in their respective classes in school.

"We are now at the stage of building a new church sanctuary to accommodate the increased number of Basao tribe believers, especially those as a result of ministry to the children! Hallelujah! We believe that the Values Education Ministry was God’s effective tool to reach this notorious, warring tribe of Kalinga. We are full of hope that as the Word of God is again taught this year and planted into the hearts and minds of the young generation, their future will become prosperous."

To God be the Glory!

~A volunteer worker from the northern Philippines

*The Basao people are only 1 percent evangelical Christian. They had been involved regularly in tribal warfare and revenge killings until 2007, when they signed a peace treaty with adjoining tribes.


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