Church Planter Training

Local Christians who are passionate about sharing the Gospel often lack the tools and training to effectively reach a community. We assist by providing successful training programs to start new churches, along with Bibles, Bible study materials, and other resources.

Once applicants are screened and approved for training, they are provided with materials in local languages, supervised in the classroom instruction and fieldwork, and required to submit regular progress reports during their training cycle. They complete at least one year of combined classroom training and supervised fieldwork. During this time they share the Gospel and establish new communities of faith, frequently in areas where there was previously no evangelical church.

Each participant is supplied with:
1. Evangelistic materials, such as Bibles, for the contacts they will meet
2. Discipleship Bible study materials for seekers and new believers in community Bible studies
3. New Testaments and Bibles for new believers and new church members


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