2016 Annual Report

Reaching the Least of These

We are pleased once again to share with you the amazing things that God has done around the world through your support of Reach A Village over the past year.

If we are truly followers of Christ, then we will also have a heart for the things that matter most to Him. Throughout the Gospel accounts of Jesus’ ministry here on earth, story after story shows His passion for going into different villages to reach the lost (Mark 1:38) and His compassion for people who were the forgotten or outcasts of society.

Throughout our 2016 Annual Report, you will see the heart of Jesus reflected in the way our international ministry partners have taken the Good News to unreached people and villages and cared for those who are poor, disabled, broken-hearted and imprisoned.

Our partners shared the Gospel with more than 866,000 people during the past year, and over 124,000 accepted Christ as Lord! In addition, 1,355 new church fellowships were started.

I can’t thank you enough for the part you have played in making this happen. Because of your prayers and financial support, the least of these brothers and sisters know that they are precious in God’s sight!

Serving Christ Together,
Robert Craft

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