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You can help reach the one million villages that are still waiting to be reached with the Gospel! By creating a Fund My Village campaign, you become an advocate for fulfilling the Great Commission and help friends and family come alongside you in this cause.

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Mark wants to reach 20 villages!

slave girl3 smallerLwin is a former child slave. When her parents died, she lived with an elderly grandmother in terrible poverty. The situation worsened when the grandmother died, and Lwin was taken by a man and sold as a slave in another village.

"I became a household servant, and felt completely alone. I had a miserable life," she shares.

One day, she was crying in the local market over her terrible situation and a Reach A Village church planter asked what was wrong. Upon hearing her answer, he offered to buy her from her owner. But the cost was too high.

Distraught, the church planter asked God to provide what was needed to release Lwin from slavery. And God answered! The money was miraculously provided and the church planter adopted Lwin into his family.

“I am so thankful God provided a way out for me. There are many more just like me, still in terrible situations. The greatest thing I have received is the love of God and His salvation. He has been faithful, He has answered my prayer. I know this God is real.”

When a village is reached with the Gospel, transformation begins. Lwin has been set free from a physical, emotional, and spiritual slavery. Her life will never be the same!

My goal is to reach 20 villages so transformation like Lwin’s can continue. We can reach people like her with the hope of our Almighty God who have yet to be rescued from darkness. A gift of any amount will forever transform lives for Christ. Please consider giving to spread the Gospel and reach those that have never heard of Christ.

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God bless,

marks sig  markb                                                               

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Sample Campaign

IMG 4558Fund My Village in Cambodia - Jane Doe

I want to reach Cambodia for Christ! I am raising funds to provide Scriptures and training so Christians in Cambodia can learn about Jesus. Over 8,500 villages have never been reached with the Gospel. Will you help me to reach them?

Please check out my facebook page or vimeo link for more info, and gifts can be made below. Thank you!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/reachavillage?ref=hl

Video Link: https://vimeo.com/127178125

Campaign Amount: $1000.00


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