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You can help reach the one million villages that are still waiting to be reached with the Gospel! By creating a Fund My Village campaign, you become an advocate for fulfilling the Great Commission and help friends and family come alongside you in this cause.

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Northfield Fight Club - Reach A Cambodian Village

FightClubThis is a special fundraising page for the Northfield Fight Club to raise funds to reach a village in Kampot Province, Cambodia. 

Kampot Province is in southern Cambodia and borders the Sea of Thailand and Vietnam. The vast majority of Cambodians follow Buddhism. As a whole, just 1.6% of the Cambodian population are evangelical Christian. Kampot Province is just below the national average at 1.5%.

Prayer Requests:

1) Pray for the church planting teams that are working to reach each and every unreached village. Pray that each team would meet a person of peace that could help open doors to reach the entire village. 

2) Pray for traveling mercies and safety.

3) Pray for the national plan that our team has to reach every village by 2023. At this time, 8,000+ villages are still unreached.

The cost to reach one village in Cambodia is $600. Thank you for your prayers and support to help reach one more village so more people can learn of the transformational power of Jesus Christ!

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Northfield Fight Club - Reach A Cambodian Village

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IMG 4558Fund My Village in Cambodia - Jane Doe

I want to reach Cambodia for Christ! I am raising funds to provide Scriptures and training so Christians in Cambodia can learn about Jesus. Over 8,500 villages have never been reached with the Gospel. Will you help me to reach them?

Please check out my facebook page or vimeo link for more info, and gifts can be made below. Thank you!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/reachavillage?ref=hl

Video Link: https://vimeo.com/127178125

Campaign Amount: $1000.00


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