Change for Bibles

In partnership with Project World Impact (PWI), we are offering a program called PWI Swipe. You can help reach villages with the Gospel by rounding up all of your purchases on a debit or credit card to the next dollar. We will get that extra change for every transaction you make. The average person can help provide an extra $30 per month. Your change can add up to a big impact!

You can download the app on the Google Play or App store, or you can fill out the form below. After you sign up, link your credit or debit card and select Reach A Village as your organization. Then you are all set up!

You can look for PWI Swipe on your credit card statement every month and see how much change is now helping to reach villages. We will receive the full amount listed on your statement. If you participate in this special program, your tax receipt will come from the PWI Foundation.

Thank you for considering this simple and easy way to help transform lives for Christ! Please fill out this form below to get started.