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Dear Friends,

This is a special fundraising page for Jena Medical to raise funds to reach a village in Thailand.

We recently returned from a trip to Thailand known as the Land of Smiles. Indeed, the people were friendly, and the country was very beautiful. While we were there on a prayer retreat, God placed a heavy burden in my heart about the spiritual lostness of this country. Less than one percent of the people are Christians, and the majority of the villages have never heard the name of Jesus or the Gospel.

We are truly blessed in this country to have such a wealth of resources as Christians. I did some research and found an organization that is dedicated to planting churches in every village in Thailand and many other countries. I have personally gotten to know the faithful Christians involved in this incredible ministry. 

Reach A Village is helping new believers come to Christ daily, but that requires funding. That is when our family decided to commit ourselves to providing Bibles for these new believers. This is the time for Christians to answer our call as Jesus has commanded us in Matthew 28:19. Please join us in this effort by donating funds for Bibles or planting a church in a village that otherwise would perish without ever hearing the Word of God. Thank you.

David Yoon, MD

3 John 1:4 “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.”

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