Dwight Martin grew up in Thailand, where his parents were missionaries. After earning an MBA, 30 years in the software industry and cofounding a successful software company in the U.S., he returned to Thailand with his wife Mary Kay. In 2009, the Martins started CrossTies Asia, a ministry that utilizes Dwight’s background in information technology and Mary Kay’s background in library science to support the Church through supplying research, technology, and Christian materials in local languages.

Because the Martins too have a vision of empowering national Christians to reach their own people for Christ, CrossTies Asia became a ministry of Reach A Village in 2017. A database and mapping system called Harvest that Dwight and his team developed to track church locations, membership and other statistics in Thailand is now being deployed to more countries, assisting Reach A Village and other ministries in working strategically to fulfill the Great Commission.

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