Changed Lives

Struggling to take care of a large family

AprilApril* was a vendor struggling to take care of a large family of brothers and sisters. She went near the busy town market each day with her cooked goods in containers suspended on a pole across her shoulders. A kind man, a stranger to her village, began to buy snacks regularly from her. One day he asked if he could share some important information with her. She listened carefully as the man, a church planter, shared the story of the God of Creation. She had not heard of the Creator God. She had never heard the story of Jesus Christ and the power of His forgiveness and love.

The Good News had finally reached her village! She now believed in God and through Jesus Christ found new life, eternal life! Less than a year after her discovery, she had read through the entire Bible once and began reading through it a second time. She now shares the story of Jesus with all who will listen, and she tells of how greatly God has blessed her business and her family since she believed in Him. April's story is just one example of the way the power of God is revealed in His Word to all who are seeking. Through Reach A Village ministries and church planter training, many others across the world have also come to believe in Christ.

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*names are changed for safety reasons

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