Our Approach

our approachMobilizing local believers is the most effective way to reach unreached people. The key to sharing the Gospel in unreached villages is the ministry of Christ-followers who live in nearby villages.

In 2012, Reach A Village began its work of empowering local Christian leaders to share the Gospel with those who have never heard, to nurture new believers and to start churches.

Through our strong relationships with established national Christian leaders, we know that they are eager to reach the most remote parts of their countries. The level of poverty and lack of training and resources are holding them back. Reach A Village helps bridge that gap.

When unreached people hear for the first time about a loving Savior who sacrificed Himself for them, their lives change forever. Every day — even though you don’t hear these stories in the news — hundreds of people are responding and beginning a new life with Jesus!

God is working through Reach A Village and our ministry partners to change individual lives, countries and our world. As we connect believers with those who need to hear the Gospel, the truth of God’s Word takes hold.

Reach A Village uses three main types of ministry to reach the unreached villages:

    • Starting New Churches
    • Discipling New Believers
    • Children's Bible Ministry

When the Gospel arrives in a village, hope and transformation spread through lives, families and the entire community. As people immerse themselves in the Bible and come to know Christ on a deeper level, lives and lifestyles change. The moral fiber of the village transforms. The local
church provides continuing discipleship and outreach in the community and beyond for generations to come!

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