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An international ministry team must have experience, integrity, compassion for the lost, and spiritual fortitude.

We desire to follow Jesus' example of servant leadership. That means we must serve like Jesus, pray like Jesus and be willing to suffer like Jesus. We must search His Word and seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit for the challenges and opportunities we face around the world.

Rev. Robert Craft

Rev. Robert Craft

Robert Craft has a ministry background of more than 40 years as a pastor, missionary and evangelical missions leader. Robert is the founder and is serving as the Servant-at-large (AKA -President) of Reach A Village.

Bob has been involved in evangelism and discipleship ministry helping local churches reach out to their own communities and beyond. He has served in ministry throughout SE Asia for the past 24 years helping train local pastors and Christian workers in their efforts to grow and establish new churches. He has also been involved in multiple projects to develop training curriculum as well as discipleship / Bible study curriculum. Bob has a degree in Christian Education from Trevecca Nazarene University and is a Graduate of Prairie Bible Institute in Alberta, Canada with a focus in Bible / Missions. While living in the Philippines, Bob also continued some graduate courses at APNTS seminary in Manila, Philippines related specifically to theology in the Asian context.

Bob founded Reach A Village in 2012 after seeing that hundreds of thousands of villages in SE Asia have remained untouched by mission efforts even though there are Bibles and other resources available in those languages which represent more than 2 billion people!  Bob says this about the role of Reach A Village in modern missions, "The most effective and efficient way of reaching the remaining unreached villages of the world is through equipping local, indigenous Christians to reach their own people.  Reach A Village helps them have the mobility, materials and training they need to carry out the Great Commission in unreached villages.  As a result, new villages are reached every single day with the Gospel and new churches are established where there were none before." 

Rev. Jerry Bimber

Board member Rev. Jerry Bimber has served as pastor at Lombard Church of the Nazarene in Illinois since 1996. His father is also a pastor, so Rev. Bimber has been around the ministry his entire life. He attended Hobe Sound Bible College for three years, received his bachelor’s degree from Malone College, and earned Master of Divinity and Master of Theology degrees from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.

In addition to his participation on numerous church committees, Rev. Bimber has been an active member of several boards. He is a longtime member and past president of the Lombard Lions Club. For 12 years, he served on the school board in Villa Park, Illinois, acting as board secretary as well. Since 2014, Rev. Bimber has been a board member with the Carl F.H. Henry Center for Theological Understanding.

“I have as my life purpose to serve the Lord in whatever capacity He directs me,” Rev. Bimber shares, “And He has placed in my heart a love for the ministry of Reach A Village.”

Felipe Hernandez

Board member Felipe Hernandez graduated from Northern Illinois University with his Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering. After nearly five years in the engineering field analyzing and solving complex technology problems, Felipe changed career directions. In 2003, he entered the legal field working as a patent engineer at a private law firm, and soon after enrolled in law school.

Felipe earned his Juris Doctor degree from Chicago-Kent College of Law in 2008 and is a licensed Illinois attorney and registered U.S. Patent Attorney. He analyzes innovations, advocates for clients to secure patent rights, and counsels clients on strategies for building strong patent portfolios in the U.S. and around the world.

“Over the years in the engineering and legal fields, I have enjoyed applying analytical and problem-solving skills to meet the needs of corporations and individuals. It is a privilege bringing those skills to the work Reach A Village undertakes in reaching people for Christ,” Felipe notes. Additionally, he is a board member at his church and volunteers as an attorney for Administer Justice, a Christian legal clinic that offers legal services to low-income individuals and families.

Rev. Bob Beasley

Rev. Bob Beasley

Bob Beasley has a wealth of experience in Christian ministry. He has served as an officer in the Salvation Army, a successful church planter in Florida, a successful pastor in Chatham, Ontario, Canada, head of a Christian broadcasting ministry in Canada and currently serves as the liaison to ministry organizations in Canada who also have the same passion and mission as Reach A Village.

Bob is a gifted speaker and Bible teacher and has great experience in organizational leadership and serving as a board member. His passion and vision for the Kingdom of God and his ability to work cross culturally make him uniquely qualified to serve as a board member of Reach A Village.

Wayne Evans

Board Member Wayne Evans was brought up in a non-Christian home, but his father taught him the value of hard work. He founded a company in his parents’ garage as a teenager and eventually grew it into a Silicon Valley business providing hundreds of commercial clients with electronic automatic fire alarm systems. Despite his success, Wayne always felt there was something missing.

Then, Wayne provided funding to drill a water well in Africa, and the Christian organization invited him on a trip to Nairobi, Kenya. Wayne accepted Christ during the trip. After he returned, he dedicated the business to the Lord and to supporting ministries serving the poor and the lost. Over the years, he has visited ministry locations in 12 different countries.

“The Lord was calling me to focus more on heaven. No matter what we do in the here and now, if people don’t end up in heaven, it’s really all for naught. It’s obvious to me that Reach A Village is focused on heaven and effective evangelism,” Wayne remarks. “Financial integrity is also extremely important to me, and Reach A Village is committed to financial accountability as one of its core values.”

Rev. Dwight and Mary Kay Martin

Dwight Martin grew up in Thailand, where his parents were missionaries. After earning an MBA, 30 years in the software industry and cofounding a successful software company in the U.S., he returned to Thailand with his wife Mary Kay. In 2009, the Martins started CrossTies Asia, a ministry that utilizes Dwight’s background in information technology and Mary Kay’s background in library science to support the Church through supplying research, technology, and Christian materials in local languages.

Because the Martins too have a vision of empowering national Christians to reach their own people for Christ, CrossTies Asia became a ministry of Reach A Village in 2017. A database and mapping system called Harvest that Dwight and his team developed to track church locations, membership and other statistics in Thailand is now being deployed to more countries, assisting Reach A Village and other ministries in working strategically to fulfill the Great Commission.

Rev. Waldemar Kurz

Waldemar was born in Kazakhstan (one of the Central Asian republics of the former Soviet Union) to German parents who were not Christians. He became a Christian at 15 after his sister, who had left home a few years earlier and found Christ, returned and shared her new faith with him.

As a native of the former Soviet Union, Rev. Kurz knows firsthand both the religious repression of Communist government and the spiritual hunger that was awakened when the Soviet empire crumbled. "Countries will not always remain as open as they are now," says Rev. Kurz, referring to the former Soviet Union and other areas he oversees." We are not expecting any countries to close soon completely, but that possibility most certainly can become reality," he says, pointing to increasing challenges of ministry in this region.

"And more and more we see hearts closing to the Gospel as materialism creeps in. We are racing with time. Right now, the hearts of the people are still much more open than the hearts of those in the West. Jesus says, 'Work while it is day, for the night is coming.' We must follow His command. We must work now."

For the past 24 years Rev. Kurz has been overseeing ministry projects and programs in the former Soviet Union, Central/Eastern Europe, and the Middle East.

Ellis Craft

Ellis Craft grew up in Thailand and the Philippines, where his parents were missionaries. Upon returning to the United States for college, he attended Moody Bible Institute and University of Illinois Chicago, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology. He then did his Master's work in Community Development at North Park University and worked two years on the Southside of Chicago.

The next 10 years were spent developing his skills while working with the largest Illinois non-profit provider of services for people with disabilities. The first eight years were spent in management, and the last two years focused on Staff Development and Training. Sensing a deep call to church ministry, Ellis returned to Moody in 2016 to attend Moody Theological Seminary. His Master’s program in Ministry Leadership will be completed in Summer 2018.

Ellis serves Reach A Village as International Ministry Director for Southeast Asia, interacting with our ministry partners overseas. He assists with managing finances and reporting.

Erin Menke-Assam

Erin Menke-Assam provides oversight to donor development, communications, and international partnerships. She has vast experience in missions, training, research, and development. She is a literacy master trainer and played a key role in the planning and implementation of international literacy programs. Her research experience includes program evaluation, donor surveys, and market research. Erin also enjoys connecting and engaging partners in ministry. She says, "It's a blessing to help people become part of fulfilling the Great Commission. We are all working together to see that the Gospel goes forth and people come into relationship with Christ." Erin completed a Master's degree in International Public Service from DePaul University in 2011 to prepare her to fulfill the call to serve in international Christian non-profit organizations.

Of her role as Director of Partner Development at Reach A Village, she says, "I am thrilled to be part of a ministry that is working not only to share the Gospel, but disciple people and establish a thriving church in unreached villages."


Rev. Don Wilson

Rev. Don Wilson provides oversight to our finances and administration. He is a graduate of Governor's State University with a Bachelor's degree in Business Operations Management. Don has over 25 years of experience in service and business as a professional in real estate, financial planning and insurance. He serves as Associate Minister of Administration at Chicago Heights Church of the Nazarene in Chicago Heights, Illinois.

At the age of 26, he experienced a call to serve the Lord, and began the course of study seeking ordination four years ago. His gifts and abilities are a significant asset to the business operation of Reach A Village. He is also a gifted communicator who teaches and preaches.


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