Holly Lawton serves as Communications Manager for Reach A Village. Holly earned her Bachelor’s degree in Communication and Business Administration from Houghton College in New York. Her professional background includes experience as a print journalist and in the fields of communication, public relations, media relations, development, fundraising, writing and editing. Holly has previously served at the headquarters offices of three other interdenominational global missions organizations and with her alma mater, a Christian college.

Holly’s exposure to missions work started at a young age. Over the course of several decades, her grandparents were involved in evangelistic, humanitarian and community development endeavors in Haiti, drilling water wells and establishing churches, schools, clinics and child sponsorship programs. When Holly was a senior in high school, her grandparents took her on a trip to Haiti to see the work they were doing. Holly shares, “From that experience, I saw the people’s desperate physical and spiritual needs firsthand, and it helped to instill in me a more global perspective.” In 2006, Holly also traveled to Russia with a group led by Waldemar Kurz to witness the results of evangelical church-planting work done by Russian nationals in the greater Moscow region.

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