Stories of Transformation through Christ!

More than one million villages still have not heard the Gospel. You can help us reach as many as possible. People, just like these, are waiting to be transformed by Christ.

Every village that is reached results in amazing stories of transformation through the power of Jesus Christ. These are real stories of real people.  


A Better Life

Angelina was only 31 years old, yet her life had already been filled with bitterness. She was born during the tumultuous, restructuring years of Perestroika in Russia. “There were many shortages in our family. I thought, when I grow up I will have my family, children and all will be good, not like it was with my parents,” Angelina shares. “I finished school, went to work, met a man who I thought loved me very much, married him.”

But real life was nothing like the fairytale version Angelina had dreamed for herself. Her husband started to drink and beat her. The relationship with her in-laws was full of problems. “The birth of our first son didn’t bring any happiness into our family,” Angelina tells. “The main thing that oppressed me was the lack of understanding by anybody and loneliness. I shed many tears. I was always looking for a better life, but didn’t know where to find it until I met believers.”

After the first meeting, Angelina was filled with questions, but one thing that struck her was that the believers were different. “They have a different worldview. They are certain and at peace,” she observes. They gave Angelina a Bible study booklet. “Such a small booklet, but it turned my life upside-down. It whetted my appetite; I wanted more,” she remarks.

That’s what brought Angelina to church. “I didn’t seem to have time, but I still started to attend a Bible study group. The first Bible they gave me as a gift. A new life opened up! Again there were tears, but tears of joy. Here I found real life, life with God,” Angelina proclaims.

Angelina faced opposition from family members over her newfound faith. “The pressure was severe. I was not allowed to visit church. There were many fights and accusations, like I was trapped by a cult,” Angelina says, “but the Word of God and prayers helped. Brothers and sisters in church also prayed for me.” Slowly, she gained the strength and confidence to continue. Angelina completed the Scripture studies program, got to know God better, and was baptized.

“Wonderful changes came into my family,” Angelina declares. “A second child was born, but more importantly my husband changed, and I became different. I realized that quarrels and fights are not what life consists of. I discovered what true love is all about. And even though I am still not accepted by relatives properly, I am happy that there are changes in my family. My husband is not only permitting me to attend church, but he
himself started to come with me. And this is truly a miracle!”

Gradually, Angelina built up the courage to begin witnessing to others. She notes, “My friends give me their looks of disapproval and consider me crazy, but I still distribute booklets and talk about God.” Additionally, Angelina opens her home and uses the children’s Bible to teach both her own children and others about God. She believes that the parents can also be reached in this way. “This is my goal I live for today,” Angelina concludes.

No More Fear

Valentina in Russia didn’t believe in God and didn’t even want to hear about him. She was 53 years old, had a husband and four children, a big house and lots of livestock. “We worked and we had all we needed, and we didn’t need anything else,” she submits. Valentina acknowledges, “This, nevertheless, did not bring much joy. I was often in fights with neighbors ... Because of my character, nobody wanted to be friends with me. And this was fine with me. I didn’t need anybody.”

Valentina notes, “But in one moment, everything that I depended on – money, livestock, all of it – disappeared. We became poor. The crisis came without asking us for permission. We didn’t know how to live. This changed our lives fundamentally.” When they were no longer able to feed their children, Valentina worried that her children might starve to death. She and her husband were desperately seeking solutions to provide for them, but no answer was in sight.

Then, Valentina came up with a plan: “If I were to die, then the children would receive help from the government and could survive. I was willing to give my life so the children could survive. After saying goodbye to my husband and children, I took a rope and went. I looked into the sky and told Him, ‘God, if You exist, I am leaving my kids in Your care.’”

At that moment, a neighbor lady walked by and, seeing Valentina in that state, asked what had happened. “I never liked her ... but in her voice and eyes I noticed something that gave me the desire to share my situation,” Valentina tells. After listening, the neighbor took Valentina to her home, split all the food she had in half, and gave Valentina a whole bag to take home! “I asked why she was doing this,” Valentina shares, “and she said, ‘God loves you and me, and He commands us to share with those in need.’ “

The neighbor invited Valentina to church, gave her a Bible, and offered to help her study it. Valentina began to read the Bible passionately, in search of answers. “From the Bible, I found out that God loves me,” Valentina states. “These words from the Bible touched me deeply.”

When she arrived at church and they started singing a song, Valentina recalls, “I started to cry, and the pain, offense and burdens of my heart started to disappear. I had a strong desire to fall on my knees and repent before God and ask for his forgiveness for what I have done. And so I did.”

Valentina rejoices, “Peace and rest came into my heart. ... This was a miracle! The Lord has changed my life. The one who didn’t love before started to love people now!” She concludes, “I have many friends now who understand me, love me and will always rush to help me. I have no more fear for my children. They are in the arms of the Lord. And even when unpleasant things happen in my life, now I know where to turn to for help. I am turning for help to my Lord.”

Jesus Has the Power

Soriya in Cambodia became a Christian not because of how Jesus changed her life, but because of how He changed her husband’s life!

Soriya’s husband would drink every day, creating many problems within their family. He did not show love for his wife or his children; he only thought about himself.

So, Soriya went to the temple to pray to Buddha and ask him to change her husband’s life. She bought a candle and many other things as an offering to please Buddha. She left the temple happy, thinking that her prayer would be answered and her husband would change. The next day, she went to the temple again. Soriya spent a lot of money offering sacrifices to Buddha, but still there was no change. She became very discouraged, wondering why her prayers and sacrifices didn’t work, and she lost the desire to continue.

One day, Soriya heard about a pastor who said that Jesus has the power to change anything He desires. So, Soriya went to our ministry partner and explained her situation. The pastor told her to pray to Jesus about her husband, but Soriya was unwilling to do so because she didn’t know who Jesus was. The pastor persisted, telling her to try praying to Jesus just once. She didn’t want to argue, so Soriya prayed, asking Jesus for His help in changing her husband’s life.

That afternoon, when Soriya returned home, she found her husband working, and he wasn’t drunk! The next day, Soriya’s husband told her that he had given up drinking alcohol! From that moment, Soriya knew that it was Jesus answering her prayer. She gave her life to Him because she knew that He was the true God.

The Bible You Provided

Qingshan in China expresses his gratitude for all those who have dedicated funds to print Bibles for lost souls like him around the world.

“I was a downright atheist,” Qingshan remarks. “Probably because of this, there was nothing exciting in my life.” As a result of the atheistic education he received, coupled with his own rigid character, Qingshan says, “I didn’t believe in anything. The only thing I believed in was my own power.”

Because Qingshan worked hard and did not eat regularly or well during his youth, he developed gastric ulcer disease. He shares, “When I ate more, I had pain. When I went hungry, I was still hurting. When the pain was worst, I really did not want to live.”

One day, Qingshan’s sister came to his house and gave him a Bible. Qingshan notes that he never would have gone to a church or a bookstore to buy a Bible since he didn’t believe in it, but he opened it because he was curious to find out what it said.

Qingshan recalls that he read and read for more than two hours! The Bible’s content drew him in. “I found a strange thing happening to me at that time – there was no stomach pain during these two hours!” Qingshan remembers. “I thought, ‘Does God really exist?’ And I, an old atheist, began to really believe in God on that day. Also, from that day on, my stomach is good now – and this for many years!”

Qingshan thanked his sister for giving him the Bible and helping him to know about the existence of the God who healed him, both physically and spiritually. “My sister told me that this Bible was provided to me by people from a foreign country, by people who have dedicated their finances and prayers for Bible printings around the world. We do not know their names, but God will always remember their sacrifice,” Qingshan submits. “I once again thank you all!”

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