Stories of Transformation through Christ!

More than one million villages still have not heard the Gospel. You can help us reach as many as possible. People, just like these, are waiting to be transformed by Christ.

Every village that is reached results in amazing stories of transformation through the power of Jesus Christ. These are real stories of real people.  


Train Up A Child

Across the globe teams of believers work to reach the hearts of the lost, to change lives, and to bring the Kingdom of Heaven a little closer. Sometimes it’s hard to measure the work these people do. It’s especially difficult when it comes to Children’s Ministry programs.

Are these children hearing what is being taught? Are they truly understanding in their hearts and with their minds? Will the seeds planted one day blossom into lives lived for Christ?

This month we learned about one little boy whose heart is hungry to know God more.

Daniel is eight years old and lives in Poland. Though his parents are both believers, they were anxious to find Christian role models for their son. With the hope of seeing Daniel earnestly seek the Lord, his parents enrolled him in a children’s Bible course.

His mother wrote to the teacher, “After a few classes [Daniel] asked me to read him a Bible story every night instead of regular books. He also asked me to pray with him and to help him memorize scripture.” Daniel’s family is very busy, yet he chooses to study the Bible with his parents rather than watch movies or play computer games. Daniel’s mother reports, “He gave his life to Jesus, and I know that he did it extremely honestly and with understanding. His life has really changed.”

Daniel’s little brother, who is only five years old, has also started the Bible courses. Thanks to the gracious teachers and his older brother’s example, this child is also beginning to have a spiritual revolution.

“I’m thankful to God for His Holy Spirit, and that He has worked amazingly in my children’s lives,” writes their mother.

Please join us in giving a special thank you to the men and women who devote themselves to training up children in the ways of the Lord, so that when they are older they will not depart from our wonderful Savior.

A Heavenly Inheritance

Like the rest of her family before her, Dani was brought up in the Buddhist faith in Myanmar. She even served as a Buddhist nun. One of her responsibilities as a nun was to go out in the community and collect offerings. One day while she was doing this, someone put a Christian tract in her offering bowl. Dani had an eye problem that the doctors could not fix, but despite unbearable pain in her eye, she took the time to read the tract.

The tract said that Jesus died for her and that Dani was invited to come to Him for His peace. Reading it forced her to make a decision. Right away, she cried out to the Lord.

In Dani’s village the Buddhist monks are not only religious leaders, they serve as village leaders as well. They don’t allow Christians in the village. In Myanmar (which is also known as Burma) and other Asian countries, Christianity often is viewed as a religion for Westerners, not for Asians. But a Burmese pastor associated with Reach A Village had come to town to plant a church.

Because the pastor was Burmese, Dani invited him to visit her. During the visit, he explained to her about Jesus. Dani lived near the church, and every night they would sing a song that spoke about being a son of God and being forgiven. It touched her heart. The Christians prayed for her eye, and Dani was healed! As a result, she believed in Jesus and became His follower.

Dani’s family isn’t happy about her becoming a Christian. They no longer recognize her as a family member and have cut off her inheritance, which means she no longer has any right to the family’s land. But her family can’t deny that Dani was healed, so they have not prevented her from attending church. They also allow her to come home from time to time to show respect to her parents.

In spite of all this, Dani testifies about the great peace and joy the Lord has given her, and she has a burden for her family’s salvation. Although she has lost earthly property, Dani has gained heaven!

Changed Hearts

For our church planters, summer is full of activity. The season is always a great opportunity to build new contacts, to reach the hearts of the new generation for Christ and to influence one’s local community.

Boban is a church planter in the Serbian village of Nikinci. This summer Boban managed to unite his community through a Christian summer camp program. Due to financial crisis, many villagers were unable to send their kids away to camp or to travel for a summer vacation. With the help and support of Reach A Village partners, Boban was able to organize a camp right in his own village. A variety of workshops and activities were arranged. These events were open to both adults and children within the community.

One of the most wonderful aspects of Boban’s summer camp was that children with special needs were also able to attend. These children were able to participate in camp activities, spend time with other kids, develop meaningful friendships, and feel a new acceptance within the village.

By hosting a camp right in town, Boban was able to meet the spiritual needs of his community. The camp allowed him to build new relationships with the adults in his village, and the many activities provided a positive and uplifting vacation alternative.

Praise God for church planters like Boban who are open to the Lord’s often spontaneous plans! Because of Boban’s willingness to minister to his village, hearts will be forever changed.

God Meets Our Needs

As a Buddhist monk in Cambodia, Mr. Thune collected money from the villagers for offerings to Buddha and for the temple. He worked very hard, but his family was poor and struggled to have enough to meet their needs. They tried to grow vegetables in their garden, but nothing would produce.

Christian pastors reached out to the family and tried to share the Gospel with them, but Mr. Thune drove them away, warning he would cut their throats. But one pastor refused to be deterred. He reminded himself that God loves that old man and continued to try to visit and tell Mr. Thune about Jesus.

Then Mr. Thune’s daughter became very ill. They went to the Buddhist temple to pray many times and also spent a lot of money searching for a cure. Nothing changed. One day, the pastor told Mr. Thune that he should pray to Jesus. After refusing many times, finally the old man agreed. Since he didn’t know how to pray to Jesus, Mr. Thune asked the pastor to teach him.

For three days Mr. Thune prayed to Jesus. Then, he was amazed to learn that his daughter was healed! Mr. Thune knew that the only source of her healing was praying to Jesus. He realized that Jesus is a real, living God who can hear prayers and answer. From that day in 2002, he and his whole family accepted Jesus as their Savior and gave their lives entirely to Him.

Mr. Thune prayed to Jesus asking that they could grow vegetables in their garden and that God would provide for his family’s basic needs. God answered with uncountable blessings. The family not only has what they need, but they sell vegetables and earn money too.

This former Buddhist priest started telling his neighbors about Jesus. Now, he also has a vision to reach other villages, preaching the Word of God.

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