Stories of Transformation through Christ!

More than one million villages still have not heard the Gospel. You can help us reach as many as possible. People, just like these, are waiting to be transformed by Christ.

Every village that is reached results in amazing stories of transformation through the power of Jesus Christ. These are real stories of real people.  


Bringing the Light

“Small things can make a difference,” says Mark, one of our church planters in Serbia. In fact, it is often when seemingly small needs are met that God opens the door for lives to be renewed through Him.

As the winter season set in, Mark’s small church in a poor area decided to host an event for the local children. Donated winter clothing was gifted to many kids in the hope that they would be provided for during the frigid weather.

The event was a chance for the church to socialize with the community and draw families into a building they might otherwise avoid. Mark was able to connect with several families. He began to make home visits, hoping to build relationships and bring families into the fellowship.

Mark quickly realized that many of these families were living in dire conditions. Almost all of the people he encountered were without electricity, living by candlelight, often in sub-zero temperatures. Mark was extremely concerned about the circumstances of these new friends and decided to do something about it. With the help of other churches, he was able to provide basic necessities like light bulbs, batteries and other winter provisions.

“By doing this small thing, I found open doors,” he tells. Not only has he been able to meet material needs, but God has opened the door for spiritual progress in the lives of many. Mark now has the opportunity to regularly visit homes and share Christ with entire families. Already, many of these families have expressed a desire to be part of, and even host, home groups.

Mark continues to be in awe of how God works. He notes, “Time and time again, we see that small things will make a difference in furthering the Kingdom of God.”

A New Direction

“Before I came to Christ, my life was okay on the surface. It seemed like I needed nothing. But deep down I knew my life was not what I wanted it to be,” Pastor Lak Soeuy in Cambodia remarks.

He came from a family that practiced Buddhism. “I tried to follow Buddha’s teaching and do good,” he says. “But what I tried to do in Buddhism still did not change my life.” Things got even worse when he began practicing witchcraft and sorcery.

Pastor Lak lost grandparents during Pol Pot’s reign of terror, executions and starvation. His family was able to escape to a United Nations refugee camp in Thailand, where he first heard about Jesus Christ. But he did not understand. As Cambodia prepared for its first elections in 1992, Pastor Lak’s family returned, and he received a Christian booklet from someone. The words touched his heart as he read, but he still didn’t understand.

A few years later, a Cambodian friend came to visit and explained how Jesus Christ died to redeem us from the power of sin. “So I prayed to accept Jesus as my Lord and Savior,” Pastor Lak tells. “My life has totally changed since I made that decision. I feel I have a purpose and direction in my life now.”

God called him to the ministry of preaching the Gospel, and many people have received the Lord as their Savior through his ministry. After attending seminary, Pastor Lak was sent out to start a new church in Takeo Province. Now, this church body is self-sustaining, and they look after poor widows, children and families as well.

In addition to his pastoral duties, he serves as coordinator for our partner ministries throughout Takeo Province, which is the equivalent of a state in the U.S. This involves working with local churches to train individuals how to start new churches and lead Bible studies to disciple believers. Pastor Lak also handles the logistics of providing the Scriptures and Bible study materials needed for these ministries.

Pastor Lak’s decision to follow the Lord not only changed the direction of his life, but changed the lives of so many others as well! God is using him mightily to make a broad and lasting impact in Cambodia.

One True God

Linda from China was 29 years old when she gave birth to her daughter. The little one’s arrival brought complete joy to the household. Family was on hand to celebrate and care for both mother and child.

For a few short weeks, Linda’s life was blissful. But, her happy home quickly turned chaotic. Her precious baby girl began crying often, day and night. Linda soon found herself exhausted and heartbroken for her daughter.

More than once, Linda and her husband brought their baby to the hospital, only to be sent home when the doctors deemed her completely healthy. At her wits’ end, Linda prayed to the many idols in her home. When this yielded no results, she went to the hospital again. And, again, the doctors could find nothing wrong with Linda’s daughter.

While Linda was speaking with the doctor, the baby slept peacefully in her arms. This prompted her doctor to suggest that perhaps something in the home was causing the baby distress.

Baffled, Linda and her husband did the only thing they could – they went to stay with Linda’s parents. In the new environment, their baby girl resumed her happy, relaxed demeanor. It was the first night in weeks that Linda slept.

Hearing of Linda’s struggles, a cousin called to offer love, support, and something new and wonderful – the Gospel. During the phone call with her cousin, Linda’s heart began to change. As truth was spoken to her wounded spirit, she felt a hunger to know Jesus. Within the span of a single phone call, Linda had renounced her old religion, repented of her sins, and accepted the salvation of Jesus.

That same day, Linda and her mother-in-law removed all of the idols from her house. The family moved back in and began a new life and new journey of faith. Not once since Linda and her family removed the idols has her daughter suffered from the bouts of crying. Linda’s little girl serves as a testament to the entire family that her faith is anchored in a God of grace and tremendous love.

A Spiritual Progression

Isabelle is a teenager from North Macedonia. Because her parents are evangelical Christians, she has been part of her local church for as long as she can remember.

For most of her life, Isabelle believed that good people go to church. However, as she entered her teenage years, she began to wonder about what being a “good” person really meant. Her peers who did not attend church appeared to be good people, as did her fellow church friends. Was it possible that people could be good without going to church?

Questions continued to nag at her mind, and she was eager to get real answers. Isabelle dove into the Word of God and, with the help of her youth leaders and the Christian literature they provided, she received a soul-changing answer.

Isabelle shares, “After some time, I understood that every person, even me, regardless of the fact that I am good, needs forgiveness for their sins, repentance and personal fellowship with God, Jesus Christ.”

For the first time, Isabelle felt that her soul had worth. “I understood that to progress spiritually and to overcome the temptations in my life, I needed the Church, my brothers and sisters, through whom I was encouraged and taught,” she explains. It was no longer a question of being a good person alone. Isabelle learned that salvation comes through repentance, forgiveness and a life of fellowship with the Lord.

Today, Isabelle has fully devoted her life to Jesus. “My life has real meaning, and my future rests in an eternity with my Savior!” she says.

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