Kannika in Thailand was only 19 years old, but her life was quickly unraveling. Her husband was addicted to drugs and physically abusive. He forced her to use drugs as well, and she, too, became addicted. Kannika was so despondent that she didn’t want to live anymore. She felt trapped.

“One day, after my husband hurt me, I fled to my mother's house,” Kannika shares. “There, I met the village’s leader, and he talked with me. I told him about my suffering. He invited me to his home that evening to hear about Jesus. I decided to believe in Jesus. I prayed to Jesus for a new life and asked Him to help me stop using drugs.

“Amazing! Jesus healed my broken heart and helped me to stop using drugs. I have a new life. I can smile again. I now have a job to earn money myself. Thank you, Jesus! If I did not have the opportunity to hear the Gospel, I would not have a new life. I have received salvation, forgiveness from Jesus. I find true peace in my life with Jesus protecting my life. I will follow Him forever!”

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