Uong Vibol's family blamed him for his mother’s death during childbirth. His father served in the army, so he was shuffled between different friends and relatives. When the Khmer Rouge took over the government, life got even worse. “The amount of food that was given to everyone was minimal; often there was no food to eat at all. If people began to complain, then they would be killed instantly,” Vibol recalls.

When the war ended, Vibol moved to the capital city, Phnom Penh, to study Cambodian literature at the university. He found a room at a nearby Buddhist temple and used his bike to transport goods around the city to support himself. While researching his thesis, Vibol met a Christian pastor who shared the Gospel with him.

Around the same time, tragedy struck again. Vibol’s bike was stolen! Without it, he could not pay for his lodging, food or university tuition. He became so sick that he thought he might die. He prayed to his ancestral gods to heal him, but they did not answer.

“Suddenly, I remembered about the pastor who shared with me about Jesus saying that He is almighty and powerful, and He will help those who call in His name,” Vibol tells. “I prayed, ‘Lord Jesus, please heal me and help me, if you are real. Then I will believe in you and serve you forever.’” Jesus came to Vibol and answered his prayer, saving him from his sins and also miraculously healing him!

Vibol kept his promise to the Lord and was trained and mentored by that pastor. Now, Vibol serves as the director of Reach A Village ministry in Cambodia, and his team trained and mentored over 3,300 new church planting and Bible study leaders last year! Because of their efforts, nearly 176,000 people heard the Gospel in 2017!

To watch Vibol share his story, please click here. 


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