Right now, a tremendous work of God is taking place in Central Thailand. New house churches are being started every week in this land where over 94 percent of the population is Buddhist! Hundreds of people who have never before had a chance to hear are learning about the salvation of Jesus. New believers are being added daily.
Even more impressive is the fact that this effort, which has the potential to transform the country, is being led by a grassroots movement of Thai believers. New believers are sharing their testimony with family and friends and inviting them to nearby house church meetings organized by local house church leaders.
That is how “Orange” (pictured above, in the gray shirt) found Christ and had her life totally transformed. Before she met Jesus, “Orange” was depressed and ashamed because her husband abandoned her for another woman. She tried to kill herself by making someone crash into her motorcycle, but it didn’t work. Now, she is part of a group of 200 people who are training to lead house churches, and she has not stopped telling others about what the Lord has done for her!
Due to the explosion of growth in the number of new believers, there is currently a great shortage of house church leaders, Bibles and discipleship training materials in this region. We are working alongside our local ministry partners to train new leaders and supply scriptural resources to nurture these baby Christians in their faith.

We praise God for this significant church planting breakthrough that is being fueled by everyday Thai people! If you would like to partner with us to help provide Scriptures and training for this movement, please complete the form below.

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