Stories of Transformation through Christ!

More than one million villages still have not heard the Gospel. You can help us reach as many as possible. People, just like these, are waiting to be transformed by Christ.

Every village that is reached results in amazing stories of transformation through the power of Jesus Christ. These are real stories of real people.  


Satisfaction in the Word

In January 2013, Ike and some friends were traveling on a mountain road in Myanmar by motorcycle. Ike’s friend ran into the back of a truck and was killed. Ike sustained some very severe injuries in the accident as well.

Ike recalls, “I broke three bones, and my neck was seriously damaged. When the people saw that I was not moving, they thought I was dead. I remained conscious and knew that something was seriously wrong.” Ike was taken to the nearest county hospital and then later transferred to a larger general hospital.

“I stayed on my back for six months,” Ike shared. “During that time I had become completely dependent on others. I felt so discouraged that I wanted to die.” However, at the same time, Ike also started to think more deeply about life. Does it have a purpose? Why did this tragedy happen to me?

In his search for answers, Ike read Buddhist scriptures, but found them hard to understand and had difficulty accepting the explanation that his current circumstances were the result of reaping bad Karma from a past life. Ike even talked with a Buddhist monk, but found his answers unsatisfying.

Earlier this year, two Reach A Village ministry partners visited Ike. “[They] gave me a portion of the Scripture which they call the New Testament. After I read that book, for the first time I found truth to satisfy my mind, which eventually allowed me to open my heart,” Ike explains. As he studied the Bible with other followers of Christ, Ike received the answers to his questions straight from the Word of God.

On February 12, Ike was baptized. “It was one of the happiest days of my life,” he declares. Now, Ike devotes his time to sharing with others about the truth found in the Bible and helping them to discover their own satisfaction in a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Out of the Darkness

Benjamin in Myanmar felt like there was no hope for him. There was only darkness. His father passed away before he was born, and his mother left him in the hospital as Benjamin was born blind. Benjamin’s childhood memories are of living with an adopted mother who was a nurse. “She wasn’t very nice,” Benjamin recalls. “She would force me to go to the market and beg for money.”

Benjamin was a quiet child and very timid because of his blindness. He was lonely and never had a friend. Because of his disability, Benjamin was subjected to verbal and physical bullying. He remembers feeling unwanted and like an outcast.

“Because I hated life back then, I always wished I was dead,” Benjamin admits. “But something inside reassured me not to give up.” Finally, Benjamin decided to seek God. “Praying for the first time in my life, I opened up to God,” Benjamin shared. “I made a challenge to Him to talk to me, with all that I had inside of my shattered soul.”

Then, one night, the Living God gave Benjamin a dream. In his dream, he saw a Holy Man (Jesus) coming toward him in glowing white. The Holy Man had a book in His hand. As He handed Benjamin the book, He smiled upon him.

Three weeks later, Benjamin met Pastor Mark, who offered to give him the Burmese Treasures audio Bible so that he could listen to God’s Word. Using the 4-band radio with USB/SD and the audio Bible chips Pastor Mark provided, Benjamin heard the Gospel for the first time. Immediately and without reservation, Benjamin gave his life to the Lord Jesus Christ. “I never saw a man who received the Gospel with such joy,” Pastor Mark observed.

After Benjamin received Christ, a dramatic transformation took place in his heart, and his life was radically changed. Benjamin notes that his favorite Scripture verse is from John 8:12, where Jesus said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”

Benjamin acknowledges, “Now I know that God is all we need. The more I draw close to Him, the more I realize that nothing and no one else can give me the peace, joy and abundance of life we all need other than God himself.”

Newfound Peace

Igor, the grandson of a Baptist minister, had tried to read the Bible several times. He just couldn't seem to understand what he was reading and, time after time, Igor gave up on learning about God.

Life took a turn for the worse while Igor was attending a police academy. The academy expelled him and he was unable to find work. Igor turned to selling drugs and other criminal activity to make money. He began to rely more and more on alcohol to numb the pain in his life and the feeling of failure.

A decade later, Igor was a divorced man, estranged from his children and completely addicted to alcohol. Jobless and out of money, Igor had a mental breakdown. He spent a year in a mental hospital before finding himself in a Christian rehab center. The rehab center gave Igor a chance to finally begin to understand the Bible and come to know Jesus.

When Igor was released, he knew he had to get connected with a Christian community if he wanted his life changes to continue. He was able to move back to his hometown and live with a relative. There he connected with one of our church planters.

Under the guidance of the church planter, Igor spent most of his days praying and studying God's Word. John 3:16 transformed Igor's life and he was finally able to comprehend love, acceptance, and forgiveness. Igor's relationship with Jesus has brought peace to his life. He is at peace with himself and with others.

He is Enough!

Poverty was the dominant theme in Nafize's life. Living with her children in a small Bulgarian village she was without a job, and felt unable to provide for her children.

One day, a familiar trek home brought her past her neighbor Dorsun's house. Seeing her friend pass by, Dorsun opened her door to welcome Nafize. The day's visit would prove to be life changing. As the door swung wide Nafize could hear voices singing Christian songs.

Nafize stayed through the singing and listened to the group's speaker share the Good News of Jesus. The experience changed something in Nafize's heart. She accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior, and she began to regularly attend the meetings.

At one of these meetings Nafize decided to offer her financial situation up to God. She prayed, "Lord, now I know that you have everything. Please give me just a little bit so that my children will have enough food and clothing."

A month later Nafize received two bags of food and clothing for her children; a gift from a sister Nafize hadn't spoken to in years! A note explained that her sister had recently accepted Christ as her Savior. God had provided Nafize's sister with a job and had put it on her heart to reconnect with her family.

"It is amazing how God takes care of his children." Today, God is still working in the hearts of both sisters. God has financially blessed Nafize's sister and she is able to support Nafize and her children. Soon, the sisters will be able to talk regularly via skype and grow in their faith together.

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