Stories of Transformation through Christ!

More than one million villages still have not heard the Gospel. You can help us reach as many as possible. People, just like these, are waiting to be transformed by Christ.

Every village that is reached results in amazing stories of transformation through the power of Jesus Christ. These are real stories of real people.  


A New Hope

In Yupar's young life in Myanmar, she already had little hope. She says, "When I was in third grade, my mother could not afford to care for me because of family problems. I had to work in a nearby restaurant. Even though I was just a child, I did all kinds of heavy labor."

After four years of hard work and long hours, she left her job at the restaurant and returned to her village. Sadly, she found another terrible situation. Her parents had divorced and had since remarried to other people.

At so young an age, she felt all alone, rejected, and that no one loved her.

A church planter ministering in the village saw her terrible situation. She said to Yupar, "You should pray to Jesus. He cares about the poor and the needy and the least of our society - the hopeless." The Christian lady brought Yupar to a church which gave her food, shelter, and love. She has been adopted and accepted into the woman's family.

Yupar has now been able to complete eighth grade. This child that did heavy labor and was discarded from her family now knows the love of Jesus Christ. Yupar is a believer and is a baptized member of her adopted mother's church.

Begging to Be Loved

In a remote village of Myanmar, superstitions are common. Anyone born with a disability or having difficult trials in life is kept at a distance. A beggar can expect a life void of love, friends and basic needs met. This was true of a man born with a physical disability in Yangon.

"The people in this area are very superstitious, so they avoided people with his condition," shares Sue Me, a church planter in Bagan and Bakoku.

"Most people did not treat this poor man as human. He could not walk, so he had to beg from people to meet his needs. He felt deeply discouraged all the time."

Sue Me watched the despair laid to bare daily in the beggar's life, and talked with him when he was in the village. He longed for redemption for this man's life and the villagers who treated him with fear and suspicion.

"At one time, he became so defeated he attempted suicide, but was unsuccessful."

One day, however, this church planter approached the man and shared Christ and His love with him. Thanks to his need and helplessness, he eagerly clung to the hope of the Gospel. He understood and immediately accepted the truth and love of Jesus. Finally, someone who cared and wanted to know him!

"Because this man was born there, everyone knew him – people watched as he changed into a new man on the inside. He enthusiastically shared the Good News with others, witnessing to anyone who would listen."

In another miraculous turn of events, the former beggar has been able to purchase a house and a field. Through him, and his fervent witness, the local church has swelled – with more than 30 individuals who used to claim Buddhism as their religion.

The man who used to be cast aside with no purpose or desire to live, ignored by his fellow villagers, leads the largest Bible study group, and has been enveloped into a family of believers who have become his family.

"He was the first man I helped lead to Jesus Christ," remembers Sue Me, "and the miracles just keep happening."

New Habits, New Hope

It had all the ingredients of a happy day: wedding preparations, family and friends helping to celebrate. But once again, old ways of retaliation took over in the Filipino village.

"My first son was about to marry – but the day before, while they decorated for the ceremony, a man from an opposing tribe attacked my nephew. They struck him in the head, knocking him unconscious," shares a pastor from the Kalinga Province village.

Immediately, the men of the tribe gathered round the fallen man, each villager, reaching for a carried knife, quick to revenge their friend and relative.

"Please!" cried the pastor. "Do not do this, the wedding is tomorrow, we must act differently, despite the anger we feel."

The young man was in the hospital for two weeks, while his head injury healed. The tension within the neighboring tribes mounted as time wore on. The danger of one tribe attacking the other became so great, that all local schools were closed temporarily.

"But our volunteer Bible teachers continued to go around and talk to the students and parents about the realities of revenge. They always talked about forgiveness," shares the pastor.

Weary of the conflict and eager to help work it out in a healthier way, many students decided to return to school. Many parents warned them about the imminent dangers of being around the village, but something was different.

Most of the students in the schools in this Filipino village had been hearing about Jesus Christ through their Bible classes. They were ready to put their faith to practice. A strong desire to work out this problem different than their ancestor started to emerge.

"The students told me they would not seek revenge like their families, because the volunteer teachers had been teaching them about forgiveness. Thanks to the students' stand, the community leaders were able to renew the broken trust and peace that occurred before the wedding that day."

To everyone's astonishment, an agreement was reached: the man who attacked the pastors nephew agreed to pay for all of the medical expenses incurred.

"How much I thank God for the courage of the volunteers who teach these children about Christ and who didn't stop reaching out to the families, even during this difficult time! God brought about true healing, and that is a true miracle."

The First Believer

"I was seeking for God," Nazar says as he starts his story.

He was searching, but it wasn't until visiting his aging mother that he was finally able to take steps toward Christ. His mother's friend mentioned her involvement in a church where they read and studied the Bible. Nazar was intrigued. His mother's friend invited him to an evening service. Nazar writes that this church service was "a bright spark of light for my God seeking soul."

In fact, Nazar spent most of the night following the church service reading a copy of a Bible. While the Bible fascinated Nazar, there was much that he did not understand. So, he returned to church the following day for a regular Sunday service. Nazar was able to ask the church members some of his questions about the Bible. They were able to point him in the direction of a church closer to his own village.

Fortunately for Nazar, the church located close to his village had literature that would help him better understand the Word of God. Bible study lessons aided Nazar in truly learning who God is and what the Christian life entails. In this way, he was led to consciously invite God into his heart and life. In his own words, "Now I am a member of His church."

Nazar is picking up the torch himself. As the first believer in his village he feels a responsibility to share the Gospel. He writes, "Now I am picking up many booklets for people in my village. I pray and believe that many people of my village will start reading the Bible and find their way to church."

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