Stories of Transformation through Christ!

More than one million villages still have not heard the Gospel. You can help us reach as many as possible. People, just like these, are waiting to be transformed by Christ.

Every village that is reached results in amazing stories of transformation through the power of Jesus Christ. These are real stories of real people.  


A Life Transformed

Artur was a desperate man in a desperate situation. One day couldn't pass without drinking alcohol, and it was wrecking his life.

Coming off of a failed marriage and a severed relationship with his children, Artur fell in love with Tamara. She returned his love, they married, and had a son together named Robert.

Things seemed better for Artur, but he soon found himself in a terrible battle with alcoholism. He was angry, out of control, and sometimes even beat Tamara. She thought about divorce but couldn't bear the thought of Robert without his father.

Artur's relatives decided to take him from the village to Yerevan, the capital, for rehabilitation. He soon escaped, and began drinking every day. His situation was hopeless and outlook was bleak.

One of his relatives told David, a church planter, about Artur. David asked for God's intervention on Artur's life and requested to meet with him personally. They did meet, and step-by-step David told Artur about Jesus Christ. As Artur stayed in the city, David visited him and shared the Word.

One day, Artur asked David to pray for him. He wanted to change his life and keep his family. That night, Artur accepted Christ into his heart.

He stopped drinking completely, and called Tamara to ask for forgiveness. When she heard his words of love and reconciliation, she was in shock. He told her that Jesus changed his life, and he soon returned to the village in rural Armenia.

0armenia villageTamara and little Robert were amazed to see the change. To see this new Artur, who was so full of love, caused Tamara to accept Christ in her heart. Even Robert saw the changes and asked his father to always stay with Jesus.

David visited the family in the village, and Artur invited neighbors to meet him too. As a result, a Bible study was formed. The neighbors too could see the incredible transformation of Artur, and wanted to learn more about Jesus. Tamara has also started a women's Bible study.

Tamara informed her sister of the enormous changes in their home, and she didn't believe her. She came to visit them and observed Artur. They testified to her about Jesus, and she soon came to Christ!

Now, several people are following Christ and studying the Word in this village. A man is changed. A marriage restored. A village is being reached for Christ!

Hope for the Lost

Jakub found hope and a Savior in one of the unlikeliest places: a prison.

He confesses honestly: "I was living in sin, and it was not me who found the Lord, but the Lord who found me.
"In the prison, I slowly started to realize there is a God I can pray to and have a relationship with. I started to attend church meetings, and could see the influence of the Holy Spirit on the other prisoners.

"I began to study a Scripture portion, and I could feel the Holy Spirit on me. The Word of God is alive and it changed my life in every area. I and the other believers could see the changes in ourselves, and other prisoners wanted to experience it too. It was amazing."

Soon afterward, Jakub was transferred to another prison and he continued his study. His new faith developed further and the great influence of God's Word touched him deeply. "The truths I was discovering were penetrating me deeply, till the separation of the soul and spirit. I realized the incredible power of the Gospel, and that if it changed me, it could change others."

Jakub soon met Piotr, a man of God, who came to the prison to minister. Jakub shared that he wanted to teach about Jesus to the other prisoners. He helped prepare Jakub for ministry and provided mentorship.

"We have a small chapel, where we can meet in twos and study the Word of God using materials provided by Reach A Village. We can rejoice seeing how the Holy Spirit changes human's lives that others have crossed out. God was changing lives yesterday, and is doing it today as well!"

The Great Physician

Imagine having a headache, fever, and difficulty breathing for six months without an end in sight. That was the reality for Jasna, who believed she was Christian simply because she was not born Muslim.

"God and faith did not mean much to me. When a friend told me about her experience with God, at first I thought she was not in her right mind. But slowly God drew my attention to Him."

Soon after, Jasna joined a group of women who gathered to read from the Word of God. She was struck that they gathered only to read and pray.

"That was such a shock to me - to communicate directly to God. I was excited to speak to God with my own words."

Jasna developed health issues, but nothing prescribed to her worked. Exasperated, doctors did not know what else to do.

"I prayed for healing and I had not doubted that God would heal me. So, after one midweek service, I had my quiet time and God spoke to me. For three hours, I prayed and cried. In one moment while praying, I felt that God's presence was over me. I felt I was free and could breathe normally. Then I was assured of God's might to heal and that He was listening to my prayers, and responds in His way, in His time.

"One day I heard that the pastor announced an opportunity for baptism and I knew immediately that I had to be obedient to my Lord and to give that testimony of following Him. God changed my life, and I now follow Christ with my whole heart."

From Slave to Saved

Hunger was something Lwin was all too accustomed to. The pangs in her stomach never went away. Her parents died when she was a toddler, leaving her and a baby brother orphaned and thrust into the arms of a widowed grandmother who could barely feed herself.

"We would boil rice and let my brother drink the water, and sometimes we would be able to scrape enough together to have one meal a day, usually a boiled potato."

Her grandmother washed people's clothes just to make a few cents. Lwin washed dishes for others and did small jobs for people who could afford to pay. But things were falling apart. They were in danger of starving when things spiraled more out of control.

"As a young girl, I depended on my grandmother but because she was old and sick, she also died. I did not know what I was going to do. She was the only relative I had left able to care for my brother and I."

Desperate measures

Vulnerable and scared, there wasn't much Lwin could do when a man in her village sold her off to a family in a neighboring town.

"I became a household servant, and felt completely alone. I had a miserable life."

One day, while at the market carrying out one of her weekly chores of buying food, she began to weep. The tears of deep sadness broke out. She did not know anyone was watching. She did not know anyone cared about her.

Saving grace

A local church planter and his wife saw Lwin with her owner, in the market, crying. They asked what was wrong and upon hearing she was a slave, offered to buy her.

"The pastor and his wife had very little, and could not afford what the man was asking," she shares.

The church planter went home and prayed to God, asking to provide for a way to redeem Lwin.

Not long after, a special monetary gift was given to the couple. They were able to use the money to rescue the enslaved girl. They brought her to safety, they shared Jesus with her; they gave her all she needed.

"I am so thankful God provided a way out for me. There are many more just like me, still in terrible situations. When I got here, I received so much love and encouragement. I was able to escape from my slavery. I have received so much help.

"The greatest thing I have received is the love of God and His salvation. He has been faithful, He has answered my prayer. I know this God is real."


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