Stories of Transformation through Christ!

More than one million villages still have not heard the Gospel. You can help us reach as many as possible. People, just like these, are waiting to be transformed by Christ.

Every village that is reached results in amazing stories of transformation through the power of Jesus Christ. These are real stories of real people.  


From Slave to Saved

Hunger was something Lwin was all too accustomed to. The pangs in her stomach never went away. Her parents died when she was a toddler, leaving her and a baby brother orphaned and thrust into the arms of a widowed grandmother who could barely feed herself.

"We would boil rice and let my brother drink the water, and sometimes we would be able to scrape enough together to have one meal a day, usually a boiled potato."

Her grandmother washed people's clothes just to make a few cents. Lwin washed dishes for others and did small jobs for people who could afford to pay. But things were falling apart. They were in danger of starving when things spiraled more out of control.

"As a young girl, I depended on my grandmother but because she was old and sick, she also died. I did not know what I was going to do. She was the only relative I had left able to care for my brother and I."

Desperate measures

Vulnerable and scared, there wasn't much Lwin could do when a man in her village sold her off to a family in a neighboring town.

"I became a household servant, and felt completely alone. I had a miserable life."

One day, while at the market carrying out one of her weekly chores of buying food, she began to weep. The tears of deep sadness broke out. She did not know anyone was watching. She did not know anyone cared about her.

Saving grace

A local church planter and his wife saw Lwin with her owner, in the market, crying. They asked what was wrong and upon hearing she was a slave, offered to buy her.

"The pastor and his wife had very little, and could not afford what the man was asking," she shares.

The church planter went home and prayed to God, asking to provide for a way to redeem Lwin.

Not long after, a special monetary gift was given to the couple. They were able to use the money to rescue the enslaved girl. They brought her to safety, they shared Jesus with her; they gave her all she needed.

"I am so thankful God provided a way out for me. There are many more just like me, still in terrible situations. When I got here, I received so much love and encouragement. I was able to escape from my slavery. I have received so much help.

"The greatest thing I have received is the love of God and His salvation. He has been faithful, He has answered my prayer. I know this God is real."


Hands of Healing

Tua Chi was called by God to reach a Burmese village untouched with the Gospel. She faithfully became a church planter and asked God's blessing to reach people for Christ.

She boldly entered the village, and met a man. He invited Tua Chi to pray for his wife. When she entered their small home, she saw the idols to their Buddhist and Hindu gods. Moreover, she also found a dying woman named Leh Leh Gi. Her kidneys were failing and she was on oxygen. The family of this frail woman spent much money trying to cure her, but the doctors gave her no hope. They told her husband to bring her home and prepare for her death. She had a few days left.

Tua Chi explained that there is power in the creator God to heal our bodies. She began to pray for this hopeless lady who was given up to die. The church planter told her that she would continue praying, and that Leh Leh Gi would recover.

Miraculously, Leh Leh Gi (pictured) regained her strength. Soon, she could sit and stand on her own. The family took her back to the hospital ten days later. To the doctors' astonishment, she was still alive, her kidneys functioning, and she was recovering. How did the dying woman heal?

This amazing recovery caused the family to listen intently to Tua Chi as she explained about the creator God upon her return. They learned about Jesus Christ whom God sent to earth to heal and forgive. Through the study of the Word, this small family began to come to Christ, one by one. Soon the family removed the idols, took them to the river, and threw them in. The husband and their daughter were the first to come to Christ in the entire village.

Worship services are now conducted in their home. The house of death and idols is now a temple of the living God!


I Surrender All

Sa Ka Ma was the first person in her entire village to come to Christ. After hearing false stories about Christianity from other villages, all she felt toward Christians was hatred.


"I had an opportunity to travel to a larger city to study and hopefully get a job to help my family," Sa Ka Ma shares. "I heard of a man offering classes. So I went. It turns out it was a Christian pastor teaching the Bible. I heard about the love of Christ a few times and couldn't help but believe in this God.

"I realized the Buddhist religion I had defended was empty. This God is alive and I am His daughter. I heard the song, I Surrender All, and I can't help but cry every time I sing it. It touches me very deeply in my heart and I cannot control my tears. I love Christ more than anything and want to see my family know and love Him too."

God is transforming lives and villages in Myanmar!

The God Who Answers

It was a day like any other. Tha Tan Shay fed her family a meager breakfast and sent them off to the fields to work. Her husband was ill, and had been for some time.

When her children went out to work, their father was alive. When they returned, he was dead.

"They asked where their father was," Tha Tan Shay remembers. "I pointed to the corner of the field where I had buried him, wrapped in a bamboo mat."

Shock and mourning ensued. They grieved this loss, and questions and despair settled into the corners of their hearts and minds.

"I began to think much about death and where my husband's spirit was now. I did not have any good answers."

Tha Tan Shay was Buddhist and belonged to a long line of Buddhist ancestors. To this religion, she held firmly, to deny it was to deny her family.

Despite her devotion to Buddhism, during this time, one of her daughters heard the Gospel of Jesus from a friend in their village. Her daughter heard about the love and hope—even beyond death that Jesus offers, and she longed to be a part of this relationship with God.

"My daughter came and asked me for permission to become a Christian. In my deep grief, I was not really in my right mind, and I gave my daughter my blessing to worship this new God. So she began attending Bible studies through Reach A Village."

Tha Tan Shay continued to have a recurring dream. "In the dream, a kind man was chopping wood outside my home in a white robe. I offered him some tea; he called me by my name, though I did not know him. He told me his name was Jesus."

Not long after this dream began happening, Tha Tan Shay's second and third daughter also became Christians. Things seemed to be falling apart. Their family's faithfulness to Buddhism was slipping away, their father and husband was gone. Tha Tan Shay was intrigued by the dreams and her daughter's entreaties to follow Jesus also.

Despite her daughter's faith, this mother was determined to stick to her religion. "It was about this time that I had another dream. In my dream there was a terrible storm of heavy rain, I cried out to my gods' for help, but nothing happened. Then I called out to Jesus, and the storm calmed."

Not long after, during the monsoon season, Tha Tan Shay was visiting one of her Christian daughters. A particularly heavy storm struck. It grew violent outside, complete with slashes of lightning striking nearby trees and setting them ablaze. She felt deeply afraid, but didn't know to whom to pray for help.

Tha Tan Shay survived the ordeal and traveled to the city a few days later to visit another Christian daughter. It was here that she witnessed God's faithfulness to her in such a personal way that she responded back to His love.

"I grew gravely ill. We all thought I was going to die. I could barely move. I feared leaving my children without any parents. I cried out to my gods, and there was silence. So finally, I cried out to Jesus and believed.

"He healed me and now all of my family are believers and follow the Lord Jesus Christ. Now, despite the death we are still grieving, there is hope. Hope for our future and our family. A God who answers when we cry out to Him."

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