On the first night of camp, there was an invitation to receive Jesus as Lord. “I didn’t have the courage, so I told myself that if they asked again, I was going to do it. On Tuesday night, they asked again,” Alexandra recalls. “That was the moment that I received Jesus in my life!”

When Alexandra returned home and told her parents, they were a bit suspicious, but allowed her to attend church and Bible study. She continued going to the summer camp, and two years later, Alexandra was baptized. “Even my mom told me that she saw a change in my life when I got back home,” Alexandra says.

Alexandra’s story doesn’t end there, though. She returned to the camp as a counselor for two years and has now joined the staff! She likes helping the girls find solutions to the problems they face in life.

Alexandra is committed to guiding the girls and building a foundation so that they will continue their relationship with Christ, keep reading the Bible, and keep praying long after camp ends. “I saw how much God changed my life, and I want to see that change in their lives too,” she submits.

Can you imagine having to overcome the ups and downs in life without your faith in God and your Bible? Millions of children have not yet had the opportunity to hear the Gospel and have no idea that Jesus or the Bible even exist!

Your generous support will give children around the world access to the Word of God and the hope of eternal salvation in Jesus Christ. When you help change children’s lives, you enable them to help create change in their families, their communities and our world just as Alexandra did!


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