Lin Zeya in Myanmar grew up in an unhappy home, living hand-to-mouth. He was the youngest of five children in a devout Buddhist family. At age 25, Lin Zeya became a teacher. He loved his vocation and was proud to teach Buddhism to the schoolchildren every morning. In the evening, he served as a volunteer accountant at the local pagoda.

“After five years of happy marriage, my wife left me with three children to care for,” Lin Zeya tells. “I was only 30 years old! I tried to find consolation in my religion, but I had recurring questions. I wondered: ‘Why do bad things happen to good people? Why do we pray and not get the answer?’” Above all, Lin Zeya wondered if there was any God who cared for him, knew him, and understood him.

Lin Zeya shared his questions with some monks he met. One of them replied: “I don’t know. Ask the senior monk at the monastery.” Another one said that it just depends on our past karma. Lin Zeya kept on searching, but no one had satisfying answers to his questions.

When Lin Zeya was visiting an old friend, she invited him to attend a Christian church meeting. He liked what he saw and heard, but because of his busy life, Lin Zeya didn’t return at that time. Two months later, he went to the church again and met with Pastor Matthew. They had an intensive question-and-answer session, which finally led Lin Zeya to Jesus Christ!

“How I longed for each Bible study,” Lin Zeya says. He was troubled by the vast differences between his former beliefs and what he was being taught, so Lin Zeya studied the Bible thoroughly himself to ensure that what they were teaching was the truth.

“Soon, I realized how religiously confused I had been for decades,” Lin Zeya remarks. “I felt overwhelmed, as if my spirit escaped from the bottomless pit. How happy I was to be born-again! I realized that Jesus loves me and cared enough for my soul. ... Reading the Gospels was a turning point in my life. I was touched to learn how merciful God truly is.”

Lin Zeya concludes, “The day I finally got baptized at the age of 50 was the happiest of my life. ... Now I can pray to God as my Heavenly Father and friend. ... Looking back on my pursuit of peace and joy, now that I have found the answers I so longed for, it brings me great joy.”

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