Joseph in the Philippines describes himself as “just an ordinary laborer in my vegetable garden...” He never thought about, or even could have imagined, doing any teaching job because he did not finish any school degree. “... but truly God has a greater purpose that He has for all of us to do for His glory,” Joseph observes. For Joseph, that purpose was teaching Values Education in a local public school.

In this ministry, volunteer teachers like Joseph are trained to go into school classrooms to teach about Jesus and Christian values!

He recalls, “One day, my friend shared that his pastor was recruiting the pastors and members from the nearby churches to go to the school to teach Christian values, and my friend wanted me to join them. At first, it sounded like a joke, but he was very serious. I had a lot of questions on how we, simple gardeners all of our lives, could do this. We ended by praying right there in my garden, and after praying, peace and excitement started to birth inside of us.

“The following week, six of us met together, and I was so surprised that we were from four different denominations. It was the first time for me, in my entire life here in our small community, to see such unity among the four denominations, having one goal, and that was to share the Gospel message to the students at the school. It blew my mind to see this!” Joseph shares.

Joseph concludes, “This is now our second year of teaching of values in the schools, and all four denominations are working together and enjoying the fellowship at the schools each week, knowing we only have one goal. Our churches are growing for the glory of God!”

Since 2007, over 900,000 Filipino students have been reached and hundreds of churches have been established. Dedicated volunteers like Joseph are truly making a difference!


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