"Jesus replied, 'What is impossible with man is possible with God.' " Luke 18:27

Though we often pray for miracles, few of us would say we have experienced a burning bush event.  Most of the time God works in the process, in the journey, over time. But God still does use miracles to win hearts for heaven as Varik, a church planter in Bulgaria, recently reminded us.

A large group had gathered for the service, and Varik was well into his sermon when he noticed that the congregation had grown restless. Then, he spotted an old woman sprawled lifelessly in her seat.

As the crowd began to realize that the woman was unresponsive and possibly no longer living, some attempted to resuscitate her, while others prayed. After some time, it was evident that the woman had no pulse or audible heartbeat. The woman’s daughter burst into tears and desperately cried out to God, “Lord, please don’t take my mother away!”

“More than 30 people were present at this service, unanimous that the old woman had no life left in her,” Varik says. “But after a few minutes of prayer, she blinked. Blood flowed into her cheeks, her eyes moved, and her pulse resumed!”

The group continued praying until the ambulance arrived, the woman’s pulse and blood pressure were measured, and everything was declared fine. The ambulance crew had no explanation for what occurred and sent the woman home.

Today, this woman is in complete health. Varik is still in awe of the miracle that they witnessed. “Nobody can convince me that God doesn’t exist!” he proclaims.

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