Bringing the Light

“Small things can make a difference,” says Mark, one of our church planters in Serbia. In fact, it is often when seemingly small needs are met that God opens the door for lives to be renewed through Him.

As the winter season set in, Mark’s small church in a poor area decided to host an event for the local children. Donated winter clothing was gifted to many kids in the hope that they would be provided for during the frigid weather.

The event was a chance for the church to socialize with the community and draw families into a building they might otherwise avoid. Mark was able to connect with several families. He began to make home visits, hoping to build relationships and bring families into the fellowship.

Mark quickly realized that many of these families were living in dire conditions. Almost all of the people he encountered were without electricity, living by candlelight, often in sub-zero temperatures. Mark was extremely concerned about the circumstances of these new friends and decided to do something about it. With the help of other churches, he was able to provide basic necessities like light bulbs, batteries and other winter provisions.

“By doing this small thing, I found open doors,” he tells. Not only has he been able to meet material needs, but God has opened the door for spiritual progress in the lives of many. Mark now has the opportunity to regularly visit homes and share Christ with entire families. Already, many of these families have expressed a desire to be part of, and even host, home groups.

Mark continues to be in awe of how God works. He notes, “Time and time again, we see that small things will make a difference in furthering the Kingdom of God.”

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