Casting Fear Aside

Anna is a young woman from North Macedonia. Her friends would describe her as a person filled with enthusiasm, joy, and a love for her Savior, Jesus Christ. 

She was surrounded by friends and had even met and married the man of her dreams. Her life was full. Everything was going well. She seemed set on a course for a sweet life of contentment.

Then, in a moment, everything turned upside down. Anna was hit by a reckless driver. The accident changed the course of her life in ways she never imagined.

She sustained serious injuries that left her needing numerous surgeries. Her recovery was a very long and painful process. Feeling overwhelmed by both the pain and the abrupt change in her life, Anna began to feel hopeless. Peace and joy seemed to vanish from her life. She questioned the God she had once loved so much.

At that time, Anna’s friend Lena invited her to a Bible study. The booklet they were studying was about being delivered from fear.

As Lena and Anna worked through the booklet together, they were able to understand that God’s promise to care for His children extends to both the happy and tragic times of life. Fear can take away our dreams, but God’s gift of peace will allow us to move forward! These friends discovered that God’s peace can melt away fear. 

Anna’s heart slowly filled with hope once again. Her life is different now, but she has cast fear aside and rests in the peace that surpasses understanding.

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