Disciples Making Disciples

Jesus Christ’s command to “go and make disciples of all nations” is one that is familiar to His followers. The Great Commission is a driving force for our church planters across the globe.

But David had not been trained as a church planter or Bible study leader. In fact, this young man from Bulgaria was just in the process of discipleship himself, going through Bible studies at his church. However, David did not let that stop him from obeying the Great Commission’s call.

David’s discipleship studies at the church were interrupted when he received a temporary job opportunity in Spain. He wanted to continue to know God more, so he packed the series of study booklets and Scripture materials to take along, intending to study by himself.

When he arrived in Spain, though, David found that he desperately wanted others to know the life-changing truth of God’s Word. So, he made photocopies of all of the materials and began studying the Bible with non-believers around him! A friend from David’s home church in Bulgaria hopes to come to Spain to help pastor and nurture the group, facilitating further discipleship.

As new believers soak up the truths of God’s Word and learn how to be Christ-like, to serve, to forgive, and to live daily in the presence of their Savior, more disciples are made and the Gospel continues to spread to the ends of the earth.

David’s story is a good reminder that we are all in the process of discipleship, working to know God more and align ourselves with His plan. Every day provides new opportunities to share the Gospel. We never know exactly what God has in store for us, but we must always be ready for the moment He tells us to move.

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