Harassed & Helpless: Bible Match for the Vulnerable

Lawlessness. Persecution. Oppression. Restrictions. Homelessness. You may never have to experience any of these conditions. 

But today, right now, this is the way of life for millions of people in our world.

When life is unstable, people do whatever they can to find stability. They seek to establish a home, even when that home may not last. 

As followers of Jesus, we know 
•    The only safe and secure shelter is the peaceful dwelling place in God’s presence
•    The only lasting strength and peace come through faith in Him. 
•    The only true and lasting stability is found in God and His Word. 

What if you could help ensure that Bibles reach those who need it most?

Now is your opportunity to help.

Your gift today to the Bible match campaign will provide Bibles in heart languages for thousands of our world’s most vulnerable believers.

Give Now

*Gifts for this campaign will help provide Bibles for the people of Ukraine, Myanmar, Armenia and Indonesia. Please note that the match is available for a limited time only and gifts will be matched up to $35,000.