Help Kids Get Connected to Jesus at Camp!

Remember attending summer camp when you were a child or teen? In many countries in Eurasia, our ministry partners are leading summer camps that focus on Jesus and God’s Word. 

Armenia is one of those countries. Over the past year, people have endured a war with Azerbaijan, many displaced refugee children and the pandemic. 

Your help is needed to make sure summer camps continue. These camps will make life-changing differences for people who are lost and searching.

Tina is one of those people. With many twists and turns in her journey, God guided her, her and her children to a summer camp in Armenia. “I found the most important part of my life that I had lost for so many years,” Tina says. “I found my God again.” 

Your gift today will:
•    enrich the camp experience for children
•    help make sure they receive Bible study materials and Bibles 
•    help them meet Jesus and grow in their faith 

Please pray and ask God how He is leading you to influence more young lives for Christ. Your gift for summer Bible camps in Eurasia will do that and so much more. Just $15 will help reach one child. Today you have a new opportunity to make a difference for tomorrow. 

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