No More Pain

As a single mom living in Ukraine, Samantha* faced a struggle that parents across the globe fear. Her daughter was terminally ill. For two years, she cared for the toddler, watching in helpless agony as her daughter suffered extreme pain daily.

It took its toll, and Samantha became consumed by depression, anger, and the lonely feeling that no one could help her. Hope was something that she could not muster. It seemed unfair that such a small child should have to deal with so much. Samantha also felt cheated as she contemplated the reality that she might lose her daughter forever.

One day, Samantha sat on the bus crying uncontrollably. A fellow passenger asked if she needed help, but Samantha replied that no one could help her. She relayed her situation to the friendly man to prove that there was no hope, no solution, and no relief from pain. The man was on his way to a Bible study and invited Samantha to join him.

After that first Bible study, Samantha began attending the meetings regularly. She studied the Word and talked with the pastors and other Bible study members frequently. Her daughter was lifted up in prayer constantly, and, most importantly, Samantha started a relationship with Jesus Christ. As she turned toward God, she began to feel peace and discover hope.

For two more years, Samantha took care of her sick daughter, and she learned to rely on God every moment of every day. The thought that both she and her daughter were destined for eternity with their Lord and Savior calmed the storm that was her life.

When God eventually called her daughter home to heaven, Samantha rested in the abundant peace of knowing that they would be reunited one day in the presence of the Savior. In fact, she consoled others by reminding them that there is no suffering or pain in heaven.

Samantha credits her strength to her glorious God who promises eternal life free from the struggles of this world. She recognizes that her trials are light and momentary compared to an eternity with Jesus. Her inner peace and joy show people that God changes hearts and gives solace, even in sorrow.



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