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Providing Bibles for believers is one of the greatest gifts we will ever give. Now is your opportunity to make sure believers like Lena are blessed with that gift.

Lena’s parents taught her about God, but they died when she was 10 years old. She spent the rest of her childhood in an orphanage. Her teachers told her that there is no God.

She married a non-believer and had three children. A few years later, her husband left her and the children. She did her best to raise them on her own.

Just a year ago, a local believer came to visit. When he shared the Gospel with her, she accepted Jesus. Now, she tells her grandchildren about Christ.

“The Bible gives me comfort,” Lena says. “By God’s grace, I understand His Word. For many years, I didn’t have a Bible. I want all believers to have their own Bibles.”

One of our donors is offering a $30,000 match for gifts we receive in response to this need. With the match, $7 will provide two people with their own Bible. Will you help make sure believers like Lena don’t have to wait for God's Word?

Your gift today will provide Christ followers of all generations with their own Bibles and the guidance they need. That is the best gift we can give.

Serving Our Lord with you,

Robert Craft

President and Founder

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