Do you have a passion to see people around the world come to faith in Jesus Christ? We can help. At Reach A Village, we specialize in missions, cross-cultural ministry and church-planting movements. We have a vast international network of partnerships with local Christian leaders and believers across Southeast Asia, Eurasia, China and Ethiopia.

1. We can help you evaluate your current missions strategy.
2. We can show you places where great opportunities exist to reach people who have not yet heard the Gospel or to provide Bibles for new believers who have none.
3. We can supply opportunities for you to visit countries and meet local leaders who are reaching previously unreached villages.*
4. Once your church has helped make an impact in an area with the Gospel through Reach A Village partners, we can help arrange community projects in which your church might be able to be directly involved.*

If you would like to reach unreached villages with the Gospel, help new believers receive their first Bible, or help establish new churches around the world, we would be glad to explore a partnership with you. Your church could even sponsor an entire state, province or district to make a long-term impact through church-planting initiatives. After a sufficient number of villages are reached, you could visit that region and see firsthand the impact of the Gospel. Under the right conditions, it is even possible that short-term teams from your church could be helpful in providing additional assistance and ministry within that region.

We would love the opportunity to get to know you and your church and to see how God might be calling you to engage further in the Great Commission ministry. 


*We require a certain level of financial commitment. Please contact us to discuss what a partnership might look like for your church.

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