Jesus Christ was born as a helpless baby in a lowly manger, and yet He also had the power to free us from our sins. What a marvelous contradiction that is far beyond our comprehension!

John 8:36 says, “‘So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.’” What fills me with overwhelming sadness this holiday season is that people in over 1 million villages around the world do not know this truth. No one has ever told them.

Our ministry partners are working hard to change that by taking the Gospel to unreached villages in the far corners of their countries. But they can’t do it alone. They lack training and Scripture materials that you can help supply with your support.

Before our trained ministry partner Jorani came to her door, Dara in Cambodia followed the faith traditions of her ancestors. But, something always seemed to be missing.

Jorani told Dara, "I have come here because I understand your distress and that you don't know who you can turn to for help." Her words hit close to home. Dara confided that their son had hung around with the wrong crowd and gotten arrested. She lost all hope that he would be released.

"Do not despair, because we have a Savior who is waiting to help us,” Jorani encouraged. "Confess your sins before God, and you will be saved." Dara did, and she discovered what it means to be set free!

Dara prayed faithfully for her son. Then, one day, the police called and told her that he was being freed from prison! Filled with gratitude to God, Dara shared the Gospel with every member of her family, and all of them have now accepted the Lord and found freedom in Christ!

Dear friends, I want everyone in unreached villages to be able to hear about the baby who was born with the power to free them from their sins. Don’t you? There is no better gift anyone could receive than having Jesus come into their heart!

Thank you for your partnership in spreading the Gospel!

Celebrating Christ’s birth together,

Robert Craft


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