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Reach A Village exists to help unreached people come into a lifelong relationship with Jesus. We partner with local Christian leaders to help share the Gospel more clearly, quickly and efficiently. By providing training and Scripture materials to them, we are seeing a tremendous impact on lives, families and villages!

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Today, a staggering 3 billion people are unreached with the Gospel. They don't know who Jesus is and that He came to earth to save us.

With the match, your $75 gift will help reach 50 people. $350 will reach an entire village and help start a house church!


While serving as a missionary to Southeast Asia, Robert Craft noticed that mission work often focuses on people who live in cities, while neglecting the people who live in small, rural villages. Over 1.7 million villages are unreached and have no believers or church.

Mobilizing local believers is the most effective way to reach unreached people. By providing local believers with training and Scripture materials, they are better equipped to help bring more people into a relationship with Jesus Christ and His Church.

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God’s Word is foundational and at the heart of all of Reach A Village’s ministries. Unreached people learn about Jesus by studying the Bible with someone who comes from the same country, speaks the same language and is familiar with the local culture. 

We hope you will consider joining us in the mission to reach every village with the Gospel. Together, we believe that more lives, families and villages will be transformed!

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