2023 Annual Report

I have always been amazed by the faithful response of Simon and Andrew, fishermen working on the Sea of Galilee, when Jesus called them to follow Him. And I continue to be amazed by how God is working through Reach A Village’s ministry partners worldwide to call more people to follow Jesus.

Below is Reach A Village’s 2023 Annual Report, showing many examples of God’s response to our faithful ministry for Him. This report includes:

  • updates about “The World’s Greatest Rescue Mission,” our new children’s curriculum
  • glimpses of ministry successes in many of the country’s where we serve
  • news from our ministry partners in Ukraine
  • celebrations of more baptisms in Thailand
  • and so much more!

You will also find in this report testimonies from those who responded to the “fishing” efforts of local believers as they visited villages and shared the Gospel in 2023. People like:

  • Armen, who met Jesus because he wanted a bicycle in Armenia
  • Jakub, who found Jesus inside a prison in Poland
  • Asen and Milka, who shared the Gospel with Vasil just before he died in Bulgaria

Thank you for partnering with us as together we respond to Jesus’ call: living as fishers of people — men, women and children — by openly sharing the Gospel and bringing others closer to Him. Be assured that your gifts and prayers are truly making a difference in our world.

With much gratitude,

Bob Craft

Founder and President

Download the 2023 Annual Report PDF