How We Work

how we workFinishing the mission Jesus gave His disciples is the ultimate goal of Reach A Village. As we work to share the Gospel with the unreached people of the world, we believe that every person has the opportunity to have a lifelong relationship with Him.

We want to offer that opportunity and celebrate changed lives among the people in unreached villages worldwide. By providing local believers with the tools and encouragement they need, Reach A Village is helping them bring more people into a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

God’s Word is foundational and at the heart of all of Reach A Village’s ministries. Discovery of God’s Word may begin one verse, one chapter, one book of the Bible at a time. Soon, those who have never heard about Jesus are hungering to hear more.

In our work, we recognize three interconnected components that are key to transforming the lives of adults and children with the Gospel: Scriptures, Training and Local Leaders.

how we work training

Reach A Village works with a vast international network of local Christian ministries. These partnerships greatly reduce cultural barriers to sharing the Gospel. Unreached people learn about Jesus by studying the Bible with someone who comes from the same country, speaks the same language and is familiar with the local culture.

Empowering local ministry partners to start Bible studies in their own villages and neighboring villages is how Reach A Village works. These believers receive training in proven, effective ministry methods. They learn best practices for how to tell others about Jesus, teach the truth of the Bible and start churches.

In these settings, our trained ministry partners introduce people to Jesus Christ and His Word. Scripture materials for Bible studies are specifically designed to fit within the local culture. Each student receives their own Bible — in their heart language — when they complete a series of
Bible studies.

Partnering with local believers and Christian ministries also increases ministry success. Children, teens and adults are receiving God’s Word and committing their lives to Jesus Christ. Unreached villages are becoming villages where God’s love reaches more and more people.

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