China Full MapVenezuela does not have an official religion, but the vast majority of its citizens identify as Catholic. The country has a population of over 28 million people but has a relatively small number of evangelical Christians. The younger generation tends to be less likely to have any religious affiliation, and of those who identify as Catholic, only 10% say it is an important part of their lives. Venezuela, like most of the world, is in desperate need of the Gospel.

Our partners are training local Christians and providing biblical materials to take advantage of the tremendous opportunities to spread the Good News. There is a need for millions of Scriptures to disciple the new believers.

Population: 28,128,000

Percent Evangelical: 12.19%

Population in Unreached: 33,000 (0.1%)

*Unreached People Groups: 3 out of 66 people groups are considered unreached

Religions: Catholicism; Protestantism; folk beliefs are gaining prevalence in Venezuela across all social classes. These often incorporate elements of spiritism, magic, and New Age spirituality with Catholic traditions (such as the worship of saints). The most well-known of these folk beliefs are Santería and Espiritismo.

Ethnic groups:  unspecified Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Arab, German, African, Indigenous

Languages:  Spanish (official), numerous indigenous dialects

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*Unreached People Groups are defined by Joshua Project as ethnic groups that have no significant presence of evangelical Christians among them - typically less than 2 percent - and lack the resources to evangelize their own people.



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