2021 Annual Report

We have the opportunity to see and celebrate God’s miracles in the midst of the chaos of our current world situation! Yet our times are not unlike those of Apostle Paul and the other new believers when the Church began.

God called them to go to new places. They often left behind loved ones to boldly share their faith with people who needed to hear about Jesus. God calls our ministry partners to do the same. This year, they faced extraordinary challenges, but remained faithful and celebrated extraordinary victories. I’m sure Paul and his ministry team would be able to relate.

In the pages of Reach A Village’s 2021 Annual Report, you will find testimonies, ministry results and so much more to confirm the miracles of faith that are happening worldwide. You will hear about:

  • Sister Jocelyn, an extraordinary woman fulfilling an extraordinary call, who continued her outreach to children and families through Values Education in the Philippines
  • Hundreds of new believers who were baptized in a one-day baptism event in Thailand, setting a new record for that country
  • Incredible ministry results from around the globe, including 1,866 new churches started and 95,649 new believers in Jesus Christ

We thank the Lord for the commitment of our ministry partners around the world. We also thank you for your faithful commitment to God and this ministry.

Continuing God's Kingdom work,
Robert Craft
Founder and President

Download the 2021 Annual Report PDF