Why Villages

At Reach A Village, our inspiration comes from the words of Jesus in Mark 1:38, “Let us go somewhere else — to the nearby villages — so I can preach there also. That is why I have come.”

Instead of remaining in places where people had already received the Gospel message, Christ intentionally chose to go and preach in unreached villages. Our ministry today is the same as His ministry: for more people to come to faith in Him.

Our ultimate goal for the ministry of Reach A Village is to finish the mission Jesus gave His disciples: to take the Good News to the ends of the earth so that every person in every village has the opportunity to have a relationship with Him. Led by Robert Craft, we are working at the
forefront of a significant movement of the Holy Spirit in our world.

During his many years as a missionary to Southeast Asia, Robert Craft noticed that mission work often focuses on people who live in cities, while neglecting the people who live in small, rural villages. He saw a pressing need to go beyond urban areas.

Because of his vision and call from God, Reach A Village now takes the Gospel to poor farming
villages and isolated places where people need to hear about Jesus. Reach A Village is sharing the Gospel in an effective, efficient way to bring more people to Christ.

why villagesEven after centuries of traditional mission work, over 1.7 million villages in our world remain unreached.

More than 3 billion people worldwide have never heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

How will they hear, unless someone goes to them?

Foreign missionaries cannot go to many places in our world because of political, cultural or geographical restrictions. That’s a reality.

And for the diverse places where they can go, what is the most efficient or effective way to reach people with the Gospel?

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