Research and Mapping

research and mappingGod is using technology to reach the unreached people in our world with the Gospel. A team led by Dwight Martin has developed a new way to fulfill the Great Commission by mapping churches and tracking ministry progress in every nation. This tool provides strategic help to reach villages.

Harvest Mapping and Research software compiles comprehensive nationwide data into a database that maps existing churches and identifies areas that do not yet have a church. Reach A Village is accessing this system to work more efficiently, effectively and strategically.

By directing local believers to areas identified as unreached, the Harvest database enables them to work toward their goal of saturating their country with evangelical churches. It also helps them determine their progress by tracking the number of churches started and the annual growth of the Church nationwide.

Five Southeast Asian countries are already using the Harvest system and experiencing great impact in their ministry to reach the unreached. In Cambodia, Reach A Village is working with church leaders who have formulated a national plan to reach every unreached village in their country with the Gospel. Their goal is to accomplish this within three to five years, using the Harvest database as a tool.

Reach A Village’s ministry partner in Thailand, the Free in Jesus Christ Church Association, has started over 770 churches since 2016.

View the Harvest database for Thailand

Take a look at some of the Thailand data by exploring the chart below. To see where Reach A Village has been working, select the Central region and "Phetchabun" as the province. In order to view this chart as your full screen, click the lower right hand corner.

Reach A Village is grateful for the Harvest mapping system as an important tool to help believers fulfill the Great Commission. The need for funding to expand the mapping and include data from more countries is critical. Ministry leaders worldwide are waiting for guidance so they can take the Gospel to people in every unreached village.

A global database, shared by everyone working to complete the Great Commission, is our ultimate goal. Will you join us in making this vision a reality?

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