Starting New Churches

starting new churchesOver 1.7 million villages worldwide are still waiting to hear the Gospel, and will continue to wait, unless we change the status quo. Our passion is to see every one of these villages reached for Christ and to finally complete the Great Commission. To accomplish this mission sooner, we believe it will take a more efficient and cost-effective approach.

Around the world, thousands of local Christian leaders — moved by the Holy Spirit — are longing to follow Jesus’ command to go and take the Gospel to the remote, unreached villages in their countries, make disciples and start new churches. But they can’t because they lack the training, resources and materials needed.

By partnering with Reach A Village, these local leaders are empowered, equipped with study materials in local languages, and mobilized to help transform lives and communities with God’s Word. They are mentored through a year of modular training. In between classroom instruction modules, they implement what they have learned to start a house church in an unreached village.

Self-sustaining church fellowships with local leaders ensure ongoing support for new believers to continue their spiritual growth. As the church body grows, ministries are established to meet physical needs and share the Gospel throughout the village and in neighboring areas.

Hundreds of people are committing their lives to the Lord daily in parts of the world that were previously unreached. By partnering together, we have reached thousands of villages already. We won’t rest until all have heard the Good News!

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