An Inside Look

an inside lookMany of the more than 1.7 million villages that need to be reached are in countries where Reach A Village ministers. For example, we estimate that there are no evangelical churches in:

7,000 villages in Cambodia
9,000 villages in Romania
50,000 villages in Myanmar
54,000 villages in Poland
77,000 villages in Thailand

Despite 2,000 years of mission efforts, many of these villages still do not have even a single Bible or believer!

In the typical village, the primary source of income is small farms. Poverty is widespread. The village may not have electricity, clean water or access to quality healthcare and education. Issues like alcoholism and domestic violence are common problems. People are searching for the missing piece that will make them whole and give life meaning.

In Mark 1:38, Jesus said, “Let us go somewhere else — to the nearby villages — so I can preach there also. That is why I have come.” At Reach A Village, our desire is to follow His lead and go take the Gospel to these villages that have not yet heard so more people will come to faith in Him.

We believe that the most efficient and cost-effective way to do this is by training and equipping local Christians to reach their own people for Christ.

As the Spirit of God moves in the hearts of local believers, they begin to sense His call to ministry. Local pastors recommend leaders from their congregations to be trained to start new churches in unreached villages. Our ministry partners screen the candidates to ensure they have the spiritual maturity to lead others.

Our method is on-the-job training. Trainees learn practical skills in strategic evangelism, discipleship, establishing worship and raising up leaders within the church. Throughout the 12-24 month period, the group comes together at regular intervals for 3- to 5-day modules of instruction from trainers who are experienced in starting churches.

In between classroom sessions, they go out to the village they are trying to reach and apply what they have learned in order to start a new church. Each person is supported by a mentor who provides coaching and guidance throughout the process.

Trainees make evangelistic contacts with people in the village, telling them the Good News about Jesus Christ and sharing Scriptures with them. It is a joyful experience when people in the village realize that Jesus is the answer they have been searching for all along! Those who decide to follow Jesus, or are interested, and join small-group Bible studies.

Reach A Village supplies culturally appropriate study materials about Christ’s life and teachings and copies of God’s Word for those who complete the studies. As new believers grow spiritually and in number, the small groups come together to form a new house church. By holding trainees accountable for regular reporting, we are able to measure the impact and ensure follow-up with new believers to continue their spiritual growth.

At Reach A Village, our goal is for every unreached village to have a thriving, Bible-believing church that will continue to help transform people’s lives and have an impact in the community for generations to come! As more people become believers and grow in Christ, the moral fiber of the village will change.

Marriages are restored and families reconciled. Motivated by the example of Christ’s love for us, churches begin ministries to meet spiritual and humanitarian needs in the community. We have witnessed churches working together to stop human trafficking and child labor and provide job
training to keep girls off the streets.

Often leaders who complete the training do not quit after starting a single new church; they go on to establish churches in other unreached villages as well. A leader in Cambodia has started five churches in five villages that all have their own pastors now and are continuing to grow. He also helped lead his brother to Christ. Then, his brother went through the training and started a church in yet another village.

God is using the ministry of local believers across the globe powerfully to help complete the Great Commission!

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