New Believers Need Bibles!

Every year, hundreds of thousands of people commit their lives to Jesus Christ. They need their own Bible to grow in faith, but they live in areas where God’s Word is not affordable or easily accessible. The average worldwide cost for one Bible is just $7.

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How Does It Work

How does it work?

B4NB is a wonderful way to get your church, family or Bible study group involved in providing Bibles to new believers who are eager to receive them.

  • Pray
  • Request a B4NB kit, which includes a large Bible box, brochures, table top display materials, tablecloth, measuring spoons, video brochure, prayer project cards, and small Bible boxes to raise funds.
  • Set a goal and register
  • Send in the funds
  • See the impact on lives for Christ!
Learn More

Learn more

Watch these videos to learn more about the need and opportunities to help grow God’s Kingdom!

Introduction to B4NB (Bibles 4 New Believers)
How Do Bibles Impact Lives and Communities?
Instructional Video

Pastor Testimonial

Pastor Testimonial

"Our church was able to partner with B4NB this year to help raise money for over 1,000 Bibles. Our church family was eager to give towards such a vital part of God’s work around the world. From the display totums to the bible boxes, B4NB provides everything a church or organization will need to get others excited about giving money towards new believers having their first Bibles. We are thankful for what B4NB is doing around the world and the opportunity to partner with them."

-Micah Doerksen, Assistant Pastor

Ready to Take Next Step

Ready to take the next step?

Click these buttons below to get involved in providing Bibles for new believers. Register, order a kit for yourself, your family, or even get your entire church involved! 

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