impactMilena in Armenia first learned about God at age 14 when she attended a children’s day camp held by some of our ministry partners. Now, every week she looks forward to attending Sunday school classes, where they are doing a study on the 10 Commandments.

In January, Milena got sick and had a very high temperature. She was taken first to one hospital and then another because the doctors couldn’t figure out what was causing the problem, and the fever did not go down. In the hospital, as Milena was praying that God would heal her, she heard a voice telling her, “Do not be afraid. I love you very much.”

She says, “I remembered the Bible stories learned in Sunday school. I remembered that God never forsakes us, and I must love him and always pray. When my parents came to visit me, I told how God talked to me.”

When the doctor came to check on her again, he was amazed that the fever was gone. Her parents were also surprised. Milena told everyone that it was because of Jesus as he heals the sick and loves children very much. She feels that being in the hospital helped her to pray more and to be open with her family about her faith. Before that, she was attending church secretly. She was relieved when her father told her he wouldn’t forbid her from going.

She shares, “Now I am so excited that I can tell my parents and two brothers about God and teach them the 10 Commandments. A year ago I did not believe that God existed. But, in the summer I went to the camp and repented, and from now on I am the child of Jesus. Thank you that there is such a group in our village and we can learn a lot about Jesus. May God bless everyone who has given us such a chance."

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