impactAs a child, Darany grew up in poverty, lacking food and suffering many troubles. At age 12, she dropped out of school to work and help support her family. She soon realized that she had very little knowledge and no skills. Worry about the future plagued her.

Her family lived close to a home where people came to sing praises to God and learn from God’s Word. “I thought Jesus Christ was the God of the Westerners,” Darany says. “But then, God touched me.”

One day, Darany took a risk. She knocked on the door of that home and asked if she could join the group. She wanted to sing and study God’s Word, to find relief from the stress of her life. Not only did those Christ followers invite her into their home, but they also gave her a Khmer Bible — God’s Word in her heart language.

Through Bible study with this group of believers, Darany came to understand Christ’s love. She believed in Jesus and accepted Him as her Savior.

Today, at age 34, Darany says, “God is not an option. He is a necessity. The most important thing in my life is the hope God gives.”

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